Gujarat Government Fix Pay Employees Salary hike ahead of Diwali

The State Government of Gujarat today announced the pay hike for the fix pay employees in the state. There are more than 1 lakh fixed pay employees working in the various departments of the state. Today, Government of Gujarat has announced the salary hike ahead of Diwali.

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The Gujarat Government on Monday announced the pay hike of 37% to 58% for more than 1 lakh state government employees working in the various departments. It is widely known that the state government employees demanded the full pay scale since years. There is a court case already running in the Hon. Supreme Court of India for the matter.

The Government of Gujarat hiked the salary ranging from Rs. 2600 to Rs. 4100 will be given to these fixed pay employees of the state. The State Government gives permanent order after the completion of five years probation in the service with full pay scale.

Those fixed pay employees who were getting Rs. 4500 per month will now get Rs. 7100 (58% rise in pay), those employees getting Rs. 5300 will now get Rs. 7800 (hike of 47%), those employees getting Rs. 9400 will now get Rs. 13500 (hike of 44%) and those state employees getting Rs. 10000 will now get Rs. 13700 (hike of 37%).

This new fixed pay structure will be applicable from 1st October, 2014, said by Saurabh Patel, spokesperson and the minister in Gujarat Government.

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