Special hearing for Defence Forces in the 7th Central Pay Commission

7th Central Pay Commission will hear armed forces in the special hearing which will deal problems and issues of the defence forces. Armed Forces has also demanded separate pay commission or their representation in the 7th Central Pay Commission. Till date, Government of India haven’t accepted the demand of representation on the pay panel.

Armed Forces India

As per the latest news, 7th CPC’s terms of reference will have separate paragraph on armed forces which will be first time in the history of pay commission. Earlier, Armed forces has demanded better pay scale and allowances compare to their counterparts in the civil posts.

As per the terms of reference, 7th pay panel will check current salary structure, military benefits as well as retirement benefits. They will also consider military services hardship, frequent transfers and so on. They will try to review most of aspects of the military services to provide better pay scale structure in the forces.

It is one of the best plus point for Armed forces because Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur is also chairman of Armed Forces Tribunal who is currently headed 7th Pay Commission. So, he can better understand the problems and real issues of the armed forces to provide good pay structure.

If Armed Forces demand of special representation in the 7th Pay accepted then other specialized services will demand the same and it will lead to more controversial. Armed Forces has complained that their issues and problems not covered in the sixth pay commission. To overcome from this issue, 7th Pay Commission has decided to provide special hearing for Armed Forces to cover their issues and problems.

Ex-Servicemen are also not happy with all parties who have made promise in their manifestos to provide one-rank, one-pension principle. Thus, hundreds of ex-servicemen has already returned their medals to protest against the Central Government.

4 thoughts on “Special hearing for Defence Forces in the 7th Central Pay Commission

  1. ramakrishnan

    An offer who serves 26 years of service become a minimum rank of Brigadier or more. Which means from lieutenant to brig, he obtained six financial up gradation along with six promotions. But all PBOR who were not promoted in time or due to reasons of organisation, they get three MACP as per 6th pay commission. It is not correct, since today’s economic condition and survivability each jawan must get same promotions and financial up gradations as mentioned in the officers cadre.

    1. Jay

      @Ramakrishnan ….
      While the concerns projected in your posts for “PBORs” (we don’t use the term anymore) is correct, and the pay/ perks should definitely be higher, the comparison provided by you doesn’t stand any logic.

      Firstly……. An Officer avails three time scale promotions like an airman i.e. Fg Offr> Flt Lt (Lt>Capt… 2 years) ,,, Flt Lt>Sqn Ldr (Capt>Major ….6yrs),,,, Sqn Ldr > Wg Cdr (Maj>Lt Col…. 13years)….. much alike AC>LAC (Sep>L/Nk),,,,, LAC>Cpl (L/Nk>Nk) ,,,,, Cpl>Sgt (Nk>Hav which happens after 13 years)….. The promotions of an Offr (its Offr not Offer) are literally around the same time as an Airman….. plus, the service of an Officer is counted from the day of Commisioning i.e. after four years of training unlike an Airman who is counted being in Service from the day of enrolment. Thus, a clear cut difference of 04 years. Which means that an Officer will be promoted to the rank of Wg Cdr after 17 years of joining (incl 04 years of training in case of Ex NDAs)…. The min being 14 years…

      Secondly… Majority of those who don’t make it through to the next rank in the Board for Gp Capt (Col) tend to leave the Service at 20 yrs. Those who stay back get the time scale rank at 26 years of service and retire at 54 years of age. For Airmen this is covered by MACP. Hence someone who doesn’t get promoted to the rank of JWO (Nb Sub) starts getting the effective pay of a JWO.

      Please post facts on public forum …. its three promotions not six
      What you should be fighting for is this…..

      (a) An Airman/Jawan gets only 2000 as MSP…. it should be 3000-4000. Ideally the Next pay Commission should fix these at 10000-12000 for Airmen/Jawans and 20000 for Officers.

      (b) The hike in pay scales should be proportionate for all personnel i.e. if the hike in the next pay commission is three times for Offrs it should be three times for jawans as well.

      (c) The pension that we get is 50% of average drawn Pay in the preceeding 10 months of retirement (minus DA)…… This should be 100%.

      (d) The family pension which is 30% right now should be atleast 50%.

      (e) HRA in Grade I cities should be 45-50% and other cities 35-40%.

      (f) The Pay for jawans (and all Armed Forces Personnel) should be exempted from Taxes.

      …….. Please post creative suggestions and certainly not comparisons.
      …….. Lets work as a team.


  2. Bhanwar Singh Rathore

    Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) are being retired from the armed forces in early age, approximately below 40. By the time the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) retires his age to give more and important role for productivity. He is qualified in a particular profession with discipline and trained in various aspects. The society as well our Govt. Semi Govt. and Private sectors can achieve maximum use of Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) in middle level management of qualified, trained, physical and mental fitment of the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs). There is provision for Reservation for employment for the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs). But maximum quota of the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) under reservation are not being filled view ill will, non availability of accountability for non filling the post of Ex-Servicemen (PBORs), and corruption etc.

    Here in this condition and present scenario, my suggestion are that the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) who are being retiring in early age are to directly merged to the civil post as per his qualification, cadre, designation, training etc. His gratuity and other financial benefits are also to be merged in the new department from Defence expect monthly pension and he also be given opportunity for retirement till superannuation like his counter parts in civil.

    I am sure there will be good and better use of the skills of retiring Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) in civil, in this way the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) as well the society or the employer department will be in benefits. administrative expenditures, Works and other non recurring works and expenditure will be reduced for employment, there will be a better source for getting skilled and trained employees for the department, same time the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) will also get a social and financial security and stability for future.


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