7th Pay Commission Projected Pay Scale and Grade Pay for All Pay Band

7th Pay Commission Project Pay Scale and Grade Pay for All Pay Band information and details has been provided here. The Government announced the Seventh Pay Commission ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections 2014. It was one of the most important moves by the Indian National Congress (INC) to win the upcoming General Elections of India 2014 but they failed to get votes.

In this article, we have provided the expected pay scale/projected pay scale/predicted pay band for all pay bands and pay scales comparing sixth pay commission and seventh pay commission.

7th Pay Commission Projected Pay Scale and Grade Pay for All Pay Band

7th Pay Commission Pay Scales

7th Pay Commission Pay Scales

List of Important Departments/Companies which will get benefits

List of States which is expected to implement Seventh Pay Commission

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • West Bengal
  • Karnataka
  • Bihar
  • Gujarat
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Maharashtra
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Jharkhand
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Kerala
  • Manipur
  • Tamil nadu
  • Orissa (Odisha)
  • Punjab
  • Rajasthan
  • Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal)
  • Delhi
  • Assam

It is expected that the minimum total payment will be double for the most of Central Government employees. It is one of the most important things for all the employees. The higher pay scale employees will get higher pay scale as well as pay band as per their designation and post.

We will update this website with latest news, pay scale, rules/norms. We hope that the information and details on 7th Pay Commission Project Pay Scale and Grade Pay for All Pay Band will be useful to all people across the country.

We will also create 7th Pay Commission Calculator after final announcement of pay scale and pay band.

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Update: 7th CPC, OROP wouldn’t hurt govt’s budget: Jayant Sinha

Update: 7th Pay Commission likely to submit its final report on November 20, 2015

Article last re-published on November 2, 2015.

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203 thoughts on “7th Pay Commission Projected Pay Scale and Grade Pay for All Pay Band

  1. Rajesh Kumar

    There are number of subordinate offices of Central Govternment where the works are not distributed section wise neither there is any scope to do so. Obviously the staff strength is also not sufficient. In these offices staffs of lower rank sufferes a lot they have to work beyond normal working hour and even they have to work on holidays without any extra remuneration. Even overtime allowances are not paid to them however the fund alloted for this purposes surrendered each year. Staffs of lower rank have no courage to ask for the same as intension of higher authority in these offices to avoid audit observations on the issue and they say OTA is stopped. Even the lower grade staff also not allowed for the compensatory leave for the work they have performed on holiday in the interest of govt. There should be a committee for assessing the acual work of each offices and accordingly 7th CPC must suggest staff strength also and if the staff strength could not be fulfilled the exhisting staffs who are performing the duty must be suitably rewarded. In many subordinate offices all works of noting and drafting including court matters are performed by Lower or upper division clerk. It has experienced that where assistant and section officers are not posted work of these post also have to be completed by these level of staffs. Hence before fixing pay structure in 7CPC commissioner must think twice the representation of LDC & UDC. This will certainly enhance the performance level and output. There must be a scale to measure the performance of all level of staffs.

  2. Nitish Kumar Ganai

    Sir, Clerk (SD) of Indian Army should comes under ‘X’ gruop in next 7th CPC as per their qualification and nature of work executed in office.

    1. dsn

      Clerks (sd) are not the ###only### dedicated office working staff !!!! All the technical trades in army which are presently in Gp Y should upgrade into Gp X based on their nature of profession and working place difficulties. Hence, not to treat the clerks as only special hard office working staff. However other tech tradesman are also working as office staff alongwith clerks brothers !!!!!!!!

      1. Yogesh sharma

        officers of indian army r not doing any work and take all welfare .also clk staff breaking the chair in office .So there payment shd be decrease at the lowest

        1. Sudhir

          My dear friend plz don’t worry
          We all are waiting for war till then sleep tight
          This show u hardly care abt army personnel that the irony of our but don’t will live with

        2. Sunil sharma

          Gentle man do u know how a officer is selected. What is his charter of duties. Agar pata hota to tu Bhi officer ban jaata.

          1. delta

            Han pata hai be. Panch din ka khel hai. Jugaad bhi chalta. Stand by career for army officers wards. Shame on u. Living life like Britons and u made indian army colonial. British were better than u black Indians. Just shut up

        3. k c raula

          pay of clk staff all paramilitary should be decreased because today all works in office ctrl c and ctrl v men kam ho raha hai not only pay decreased clerk should not be ranked he should be a civilian he has not authorise to worthy.

      2. sivaganesh

        True sir there are alot of technicians in corps their group should also be promoted from y to x not only that the lifestyle should. Also change They should be treated as like airforce or bcoz there is a himalayan difference bettween a army technician and an airforce technician

    2. K V Rao

      I totally agree with you sir. Clk (SD) is 100% eligible for Gp ‘X’ pay as he put a lot of efforts to satisfy his superiors & jawans. Now a days no Offr is ready to give a draft. It’s fully managed by the clk itself.

      1. jk

        Yes brother i m fully agree with yu. Why PA r in x gp. They r looking pers docu of only one offr however clks are doing same same in addn to his job. They r also taking ch of PA but PA never takes ch of clks. Clks life havea lots of mental burden at all levels. In 4th pay commission they were in B gp and after 6th pay commission they are yet in same gp i.e Y gp however CDE gps updraded to Y gp. This is totally unfair by offrs & govt with clerical staff.

        1. mk

          Friend becoming of PA is not so easy. They have to do 8 months course and have to qualify the exam. Doing of PA’s job is not easy task. If you have capabilities to do PA duties, why didn’t you become PA.

      2. js

        There are a lot of lacking of documentation of various jawan. Firstly think about them and for x gp we all know how much qualify our clk sd good luck…..

    3. gaur hs

      Every clerk of indian army should come in x group. Why alone SD clerk. They r not doing GD duty. Other clerk do your job as well as other job as per my experience. So all clerk should come in x group including u also. Jai hind jai Bharat.

    4. Kalicharan Jangid

      Clerk don’t have such knowledge like group x of air force who is working as aircrafts maintenance engineerin so if it will be done then morale technicians of indian air force .get down. ..so clerk can’t be compare to technician of indian air force technician they analysis and rectify the snag which not to done by many reputaded clads company …so plz don’t compare a clerk with indian air force technician

  3. M.Manjunatha Rao

    When ever Pay scale implemented their should be equallty in all over the country. One state implmented 9th pay scale, other state impled 8th pay sacle so that discripence in getting salaries. So I request Hon,ble centre governnment should be implement 7th pay sacle all over the country. It is better to live any where in India.

  4. shailesh

    Lt Col of Army are in PB4 but a very different GP of 8000 wrongly fixed to degrade them where as it must be 8700 later 8900 and then 10000 as for other Class A employees. This disparity needs to bereviewed and corrected please . Alongwith it cadre restructuring is also need of the hour.

    1. Satish

      Do the army officer work more than a Jawan who are being treated as animals. I think all allces must be equal for officers and lower rank Jawans eccept basic and grade pay. Why MSP is 3 Times for officers than Jawans. Officers are making discriminating polocies for defence employees.

        1. tanisha0093

          Live the life of a jawan, perform helper duty of officers, show them tray with water,
          You perhaps would feel the tragedy

      1. dilip

        why dont u just seat in cds and become an officer……..

        u can c that they r getting more pay nd allou……. but why u cant c there qualification nd hard mantel nd physicle training ……

        (Im not underestimating values of Jawans…. no offence )

        1. anil

          Gentleman…. MSP is for service and not for qualifications, mental & physical load or strain…… My opinion is that MSP should have been one…..if there is anything like more qualifications,,, you should have fought for more grade pay…..than ur equivalent civil fraternity

        2. True Indian

          What is your qualification….jawans in air force are more qualified in air force then y they r nt getting more payments then army officer..i do agree that responsibility of an officer is much more then a jawan..but a jawan has the same hardship for surviving at forward bases..so y the discremation in MSP…..just debating not more then that……..

        3. sumit

          Humans r different in their IQ boss …. But almost equal for biological need like food …. Keep aside the MSP … But tell me why ration entitlements r different?

        4. bapi tilu

          Get some education u dim wit……can’t even spell it right……and by the way you know ….nuts about jawans…..I being one despise u every f*****g moment……all arguments aside…I think u also reciprocate the same sentiment…. So stop being a drama queen….as so much u care about our fraternity….. Every pay commission is a full fledged farce…..no body gives a dump about what we think….pay commission is for executives like u (pun intended)….. And a joke for us…..

      2. sanjay

        yes i agree why there is differencee in MSP once it is for difficulty faced by defence personnel as soldier face more difficulty then superstar officers

      3. Rita

        I totally agree to what is written as comment in fact in all three armed forces only the Officers are benefited the most also the Defence Civilian working in the Armed forces are not well looked after or properly represented as far as 7 CPC in concerned. Hence the Jawans/ Sailors/Airforce crew are always given a raw deal in daily working conditions & so better qualified staff of all Armed forces retire around 15 years of services & what remains is hardly of value & efficiency.

  5. T.Bhasker Rao, Port Blair

    Sir,It has very degrade the staffs of LDC & UDC who works upmost responsiblity in all the Govt. Deptt in relating to grant of grade pay fixed by 6th CPC . but this time I on behalf of my cadre staffs hopes all of us must be granted appropriate grade pay while implement of 7th CPC should in view of our qualification and keep the works responsibility performed by this cadre staffs

    1. imran

      U r right Sir. LCD & UDC pay is very poor and not .
      LCD & UDC work is same as secretariat asstence. But pay scale is very low. It’s not fayear.


    Working as a Station Master under Indian Railways gives us a bitter experience since we are exploited from all levels. The working hazards is the part of our job, but the pay parity gives us the much more sorrow. We are working as a supervisory cadre but not entitled to get the G.P. 4200 as entry pay as per 6th C.P.C. No benefits given to us at 6th C.P.C. We are under the Safety Category but not entitled to get the Safety Allowance . We don’t know upto what extend we shall wait to get the pay parity.

  7. Akhilesh Sharma

    Dear Sir,

    Please apply these benefits of 7th Pay commission to Best Undertaking employees also who comes under the Municipal corporation of Mumbai.
    Give financial assistance to Best Undertaking from Central & Sate Government both as Best Undertaking paid huge taxex to BMC which benefits somehow to the central governemnt also. it’s a life line for mumbai people.
    They are not getting such benefits as of now. Please take this forward.

    1. Manoj Sahu

      Please ensure a decent pay scale in private sector with job security. Highly qualified professional people are not getting even 1/6th what present primary teachers in Odisha are getting. Chief Minister of Odisha should look into this matter which is prevailing in private sector.

      (Manoj Sahu)

  8. Mahananda Sikdar

    It has been observed that students pass graduation , post graduation and B.Ed degree in local/regional language and they become teacher and get payment at the teacher’s scale. Such teachers are termed as “teachers” but they can not teach anywhere in India. Not only that, such teachers create regional feeling among students and this feeling continue generation after generation. If we think about nationalism, if we stand at Delhi then a teacher of CBSE board offers a considerable contribution to the nation, to the future generation. A regional teacher stays at his own home throughout whole service life and cultivates lands and produces crops and enjoy a great whereas a teacher of CBSE board has to stay at different place but gets equal payment of a regional state teacher. Same thing happens for those who clear UGC NET and get lecturer job at far place, at distant place in another state. There are students who clear SET and get lecturer job in their own state iuniversities and teach in local language and enjoy a lot. But all are getting equal payment. Is it justifiable ? Will this thing lead us to form one state, one language ? There are states in India where teachers, Head Master, lecturer, professors can not read, write and speak in Hindi because they did not study hindi from class one to PG. Such teachers are called “teachers” because they can teach only students of his own language. Such teachers teach students to ignore hindi. Such teachers teach students, “Do not watch Hindi movie, do not sing Hindi song, you will become a bad student”. Such teachers fear that if Hindi is promoted then they (teachers) have to learn Hindi, so better to live peacefully at one corner of the country. Therefore, I request authority to promote/upgrade pay scale for those teachers who can teach all over India. There should not be same scale for teachers all over India. CBSE board teachers should get much higher payment and other facilities. Their basic scale should be atleast 2000 (two thousand rupees more) than a state govt teacher. A CBSE board teacher and UGC NET lecturer must get good accommodation wherever he gets posting. The condition of quarter must be developed. He and his family members should get free medical support. All universities have to mention in certificate of degree/PG and B.Ed/M.Ed the medium of instruction. Universities have to add this sentence either in marksheet or in certificate that, “ His medium of instruction was “ English” or “Hindi” or “Bengali”. “yeh dekhkar sabko pata lagega ki tum kis khet ki muli ho “ People of India do not want equality and to make them alright these measure is required. Another thing I want to tell you sir that Mathematics teacher should get 1000 rupees more payment than other subject teachers.

    1. anoop

      Sir, why you are worried only about hindi? Why cant we adopt english as common language? Right from south to north and west to east people know english xcept for some aeas in north-central india. So u people are trying to impose hindi. for your benefit. And for spreading patriotism, it is necessary to spread the ideology than imposing language. Now, regarding teaching… U hindi teachers also settles down at any place in south india as it is a better place to live in than hindi belt….

  9. Syed Mahtab Ali

    Sir ,
    1- The existing three financial up gradations admissible under macp scheme may be revised. The service gap may be counted from the direct entry grade on completion of 8 yrs ,16,24 and 30 yrs respectively .The revised time gap may be applicable to past cases of serving employees onlh in place of existing 10,20 and 30 yrs. The regular service period for availing Macp may be counted fm the date of enrolment/ Appointment in govt service irrespective of trade , remustration , conversion , reappointment. ( in BSF training period of communication staff not counted).
    2 – paramilitary allowance should be to BSF due to hard and senstive duty .

  10. Mahananda Sikdar

    Sir, The pay scale of Indian Air Force staff should be evaluated. The existing scale for staff is 5200 to 20200. It is unjustifiable to air force staff. They deserve more scale. Now you may tell why. I will tell you now. When a young man joins air force then he has to study many many things and he has to pass many exams to make his job permanent during training center. During initial six months training he has to study English, Hindi, service knowledge, science, math and he has to pass exams to complete basic training and then during trade training he has to study many technical lessons and appear many phase exams and he has to pass final written exam to be permanent member of indian air force. Should they not deserve more scale ?


    Since I am working as a judicial staff, I want to know that what will be the expected benefits for the judicial staffs before or after the declaration of 7th pay commission. (If possible then kindly send e_mail to me which will more helpful for me).

  12. Vishal

    The MACP for promotion should be better to retain the employee in the government system, the period of financial up-gradation should be 5 years interval as decided by DOPT (Nov., 2013) irrespective of higher position avenue is available in the department as most of position does not required upper position and so no promotions are available. This can be good way to retain the employees and to keep their motivation up otherwise there is not much difference in government jobs. NPS system should be scrapped.



    1. Lalit Kumar

      Sir, In Indian Railways the 4th grade employees are suffering so many problems and working very hard. Now these days all the employee are high qualified but doing very hard work. Especially in P. Way Department. It is very hard work but poor salary. There is no way to skip other departments and no way to go higher grade. Please notice on track man.

    2. ramamurthy

      am central govnt employee of an reputed health care institution at south. the central govnt is providing job opportunity based on the quota it may not be appreciable in current status, if so opportunity may be given based on the quota but the promotion must be given based on the seniority or skill based or specific qualification based.

  13. gurmail singh

    I wish to say something about the paramilitary personnel especially those are working under extreme adverse topographical conditions and stagnated in promotion i.e. having very poor promotional avenues but still serving with great zeal and dedication on the front lines of frontiers to safeguard our national interests at the cost of their lives.
    7th CPC should come with some concrete steps and financial provisions for all such paramilitary personnel who are not getting the satisfactory emoluments.after retiring from the service they are not getting the status of Ex-servicemen as ARMY is having.so again they serve as private guards in private organisation for the sake of better livelihood because of lesser pension emoluments.

    so i requests to the commission to please consider the duty hrs of these personnel and the nature of so hard duty under different adverse circumstances & POOR PROMOTIONAL AVENUES.MAKE SUCH FINANCIAL provisions in your recommendation to extend them all best possible financial benefits so as to retain their dedication in the service of motherland.
    a serving and retiree soldier of paramilitary force is a nation’s asset that must be preserved and nurtured by offering him competitive financial benefits it will be in the interest of our national security and honor of a border men.
    with thanks
    Gs saini

    1. P S RAWAT

      I am agree with Mr. Gurmail singh, because the paramilitary personnel (border Man), who’s deployed one step ahead on LOC with respect to Army, but pay and facilities being given by GOVT. of INDIA to a border man is two step behind in R/O Army personnel, WHY SIR, ??????????? I REQUEST TO THE COMMISSION PLS. DO SOMETHING FOR BORDER MAN.

      THANKS SIR….

  14. sudarshan singh negi

    Why there is a group pay like ‘x’ Gp nd ‘y’ group in Armed Forces when there is no such provision in other police and paramilitary forces. I suggest group should be scraped. Even there is no group pay for officers of different categories.

    1. rahul

      Mr Negi
      Those who are getting X gp pay are highly qualified to Y GP personnels
      There shud b X Y Z gps like earlier

    2. Kalicharan Jangid

      In officer also the payment of technical officer get more than ground offr..and I m a technicianof Iindian air force I m working harder than a normal person adm person we have to use more mind to rectify the fault you know in civil aviation a aircraft technician get more than 60 k…so we are alredy getting less than our capability. .

  15. Ingle Madhav Ganpat

    Sir, Clerk (SD) of Indian Army should comes under ‘X’ gruop in next 7th CPC as per their qualification and nature of work executed in office. Otherwise they should get permission to premature if they wish to leave the job and are not like this status.

    1. Hav Clerk Prem Singh

      Thank u Ingle sir for projecting question for Clk (SD) to upgrade in X gp but I Dont think it will be considered by the committee b’ cause Offrs of IA also don’t want. Any way we r in hope

        1. jitendra

          No dear. In clks case. They are mostly not gtd sanction for disch even after 15 yes but others can do so. Got it

  16. Madhav Ingle

    Sir, Clerk (SD) of Indian Army should comes under ‘X’ Group in next 7th CPC as per their qualification and nature of work executed in office.

  17. neeraj kumar sinha

    Guard, recruitment through Railway Recruitment Board, having only Two pay scale and Tow grade pay i.e. (1) 5200-20200 (GP-2800) in joining period.
    (2) 9300-34800 ( GP-4200) pay scale and grade pay for all promotion.
    kindly consider it, and provide GP- 2800,4200,4600 &4800 (as per minimum Three promotion in full service period)

  18. anup

    very poor salaries of govt employee..today the work of govt employee is equivalent of pvt employee…yet they get so less salary…dont know why..thats why few of them resort to corruption out of desperation

  19. Shafi kazi

    Engineers are the back bone of our country. We need them in each & every part & parcel of life. Life of a engineer is sorry some in railways whether a Junior Engineer or a Section Engineer. Even though he is qualified degree/ diploma holder he is treated on par with a clerk or a ordinary worker. The responsibility of an engineer in railways are
    1. Maintain the track in good shape and condition.
    2. Maintain rolling stock
    3. Maintain signalling
    4. Planning for new projects
    5. Coordinate Bern administration and labour staff.
    Apart from these he has to look out for stores, staff pay wages etc. Any fault in the system he is directly responsible.
    With such an effort round the clock 365 days a year, he is the most discarded employee in all cadres. He is the lowest paid employee, the most punished person, sacrifices his life and family for the country and socially boycotted. Because of this the younger generation are fearing to come & join instead they are opting for a soft job like software job or administrative job. If the trend continues one day there will be none to do this job thereby there a chance of system failure. The onus of responsibility falls on the govt who should interefere & look into the problems deeply with a satisfying solution. The pay scales to be made attractive in order to lure the young talented generation & if not done early god forgive what may happen. Pl look into these aspects and do the needful.
    Thank u shafi


    Government should reduce the number of pay scales in all levels. At higher levels HAG and HAG+ should be merged.

  21. subedar yadav

    More than old person collect more pay therefore immediate rule make for 60 to 58 also more than youth are unemployment

  22. paramjit singh

    sir pls tell me any one that how much will be pay after 7th pay commision of grade pay 2400………….

      1. Rakesh Toppo

        My point is that during 7th CPC for SCD(S) grade pay should be fixed equal to LDC-SCD-III,UDC-SCD-II,Asst – SCD-I & Supdtt – Spl grade accodingly without leaving other allowances i.e .OTA & conveyance rate should also fixed new rate of Rs.30/- from Rs.16.50/ and during hoildays i.e. Saturday/Sunday off day Rs.50/-.
        Please circular order for holidays to SCD(S) to avail any kind of leave when requires to approve strictly. Maintain equal dignity in all govt. of India with govt lower officers/staffs and discuss on 7th CPC.
        Pls don’t forget SCD(S) in all india basis performances are above expectation for govt but few officers were taking advantage from this said SCD(s).

        Everybody is hopping for good result this time from our new govt.


        1. Abhishek choudhary work in bsf (trademan)

          I am trademan in bsf pls sir hamare liye kuch kijiye I am graduate why I can can’t make the constable pls sir change the rule hum b soldier bn sakey

  23. md sabir

    sir pls send me the correct information 7cpc i want to know what will be the pay of crpf constable in 7 cpc send reply the above email address . i will wait

  24. Rajesh

    I have gone through some of the comments and concerns of employees of different departments. Recently some organisation has recommended that para millitary forces should be treated at par with millitary. Such recommendations has forced me to find where Police is? Definitely it is not millitary, is it Para millitary, definitely no. Is it a clerk, teacher, nurse? Some of the facts are that some minimum physical standards are required in addition to facing the written competition for this job. At the time of joining, policemen sign that they accept Restriction of rights Act, Establishment of Police Act and the Act of that state or union. Acts start acting on them and they are required to implement Acts as per laid out procedure which keeps on adding every year as the parliament keeps enacting Acts and these days special role is assigned to police in them. What is the syllabus for police which it should prepare? One thing very commonly known to public is that police is liable to be employed for more than eight hours. What these liability cast on them? How are they strengthened to carry out this liability. There are so many other things where police is placed differrently from civil, millitary and para milliatary. Onus on them is absolute, do or die ( face punishment for not performing as expected ). What I wish to convey is that its different position should be taken into consideration while deciding the pay and allowances. As for example transport/ conveyance allowance of a office babu should not be equivalent to that of a police man. Police attends the calls made on 100 number, does patrolling, goes to court, hospiltal etc. and goes anywhere for investigation at its headquarter of posting for its usual work of investigation. I hope I have been able to set the ball to roll regarding the need for a different thought when its pay and allowance are decided. Thank you.

  25. Somanath Majukar

    Sir, Clk SKT of Indian Army should comes under X group in next 7th CPC as per their qualification and nature of work executed in office and tech side.

  26. md naushaf akhtar

    Mera pay 8630 gredpay 1900 hai aur haush rent 7.5 hai pls 7nth pay lagu hone ke baad mera kya saillry hoga

  27. kkb


    I hope this time 7 CPC will bring some more relief for Govt employees/Pensioners. Last time MACP was the worst issue. This time i am sure Association will be able to put pressure on the Govt and get some solution. Supreme Court as well as CAT has also favoured the Govt employee in similar cases.

    Let us hope this time Govt will try to give more and more to Government employees and the Pensioners.


  28. K V L Narayana

    Dear sir and Friends

    I am a private employee. I have seen your concerns of equality of payments, increments,comparison of salaries with other state govt employees, designations comparisons with other departments.

    I feel you are so hard working and your services are not recognized and not getting salaries to the par of your hard work and excellence.

    If you people are feeling like that to whom we the private employees to spill our grievance.

    Secondly if it is so hard and tough to continue in your jobs then simply resign and come out and join in private organisation. Then many unemployed persons are very ready to do the same post with the same benefits.

  29. imran

    We r LCD or UDC staff in govt technical institutions.
    Our demand is approved ugc salary. Our gread pay similar about secretariat assistant 4600.

  30. manoj

    Sir, Military scale pay in armed forces is very unjustified between officer n soldiers. Officer’s gets 6000 map and soldiers gets onmsp2000 msp. It should be equal.both sacrifices their lives equally.. Thanks.

  31. mukesh

    Sir seniority in service given more value to increase quality of service given more promotion rather than selecting fresh condidate

  32. rajeev

    Dear Sir , I m a soldier of indian army. and I want knw this why is the more difference between ORs and officer pay and allcs.. in the six pay commission. mostly military service pay and other allcs..is officer doinng the hard work then Jawans? please sir request for seventh pay commission board member think abt this point and judge it…fairly…dnt give more difference in pay and allce..between jawans and officers..in the seventh pay commission 2016. JAI HIND JAI BHARAT

  33. Sajad Ahmad

    Sir, My total service is 35 yrs and my grade pay since jan 2006 is 4200 without taking any MACP and I am retiring in 2017.those who is 8 yrs junior to me his scale is equivalant to me due to MACP and his service left with 10 yrs.It is requested that MACP be given to all if he remains in same scale continuesly for 8 yrs.

  34. genius

    Sir being a nursing tech. In army medical corps,i would like to say that nursing tech must be in x gp bcz we have completed 3 & half yr course . and as per my knowledge there is no long such ( skillful and effective)course in any corps which is in y gp

  35. rajesh kumar

    Sir bsf bilkul army jaisa kam karta hai border par army se bhi aagi hota hai isliye sir request hai ki bsf ki bhi army jaisa suwidha diya jaye.khaskar cantin ka

  36. bhupinder

    sir automobile technicians(specialist vehicle operator) and MTD (specialist vehicle operator) trades in indian airforce should get special allowance and should be kept in group x bcoz they work with group x trades personnnel under same environment.

  37. Sanwar Mal

    Sir Present Indian Army divided into various group as like ASC, AMC, Artillery, armed, guards and more…in different type of group have different promotion policy. Examples a armed regiment divided in three or four coy, one is rajput, second is muslim, third is Jat coy. in the above different coy divided different cast and also promotion depending his coy vacancy hence promotion is dependent cast. they are not equality as per our constitution. we are urge that all Indian army tags Indian army not ASC, Guards, armed, artillery. Promotion should dependent on his own skill and education qualification. its better then present system.

  38. Nitis Mandal

    I am an electric Loco Pilot (Mail/Express)in Railway. My present Basic Pay is Rs.25340/- pm. My pay scale is 9300-34800/- and Grade Pay is 4200/- What would be my basic pay after 7th pay commission? Now basic pay of some junior staff is higher then me. Will I get same basic equal to my junior staff?

  39. vipin kumar

    sir are u going to start old pension scheme in all department in India ; sir its question of or children after. retirement we don’t have anything; u better can think sir

  40. Pampal Arya

    When trade man and gd could come in y group in 6th pay commission then in 7th CPC all technical staff should be in x group .other than pay band and grade pay all allowance should be same for all rank’s .

    1. Gopal Dass

      I am an driver cum mechanic in cent. gOvt.which under the ministry of agriculture. my present pay is Rs 6820/+gp is 1900/ what will be my salary on 7th pay commission

  41. hav md rafi

    The main issue that should cover for army personal is 1) To diminish the huge pay differences between officers and jawans.
    2) To have different group and pay band for technical and non- technical personnel. presently a technician and a house keeper falls in the same pay band and group.

  42. jasmeet chauhan

    Sir I m INDIAN ARMY Soldiers as a jawan. I m told u that JAWAN is a base ALL INDIAN ARMY.YET all those ………….u understand. So 7pay commission only for JAWAN.THANKS. JAI JAWAN JAI KISAN.

  43. mukesh

    Sir pay band 3&4 pay is very high compariyevely pay band 2 however qualification is less than pay band 2 ,for selection qualification is one of major criteria for any job please settle the job also as per qualification also.

  44. Basawaraj Malipatil Gogi

    Sir, I am working as a Librarian, sir tell me how much salary will be hike. My basic 15600 and gp 6000. Present salary 48000. What about 7th pay.

  45. mukesh

    Sir I hope this time all central govt employee should equal pay as per class , hope this commission will be best so far, pbor always have been differ in pay and promotion

  46. M D REDDY

    I am serving in Border Security Force (BSF) since 1989 and getting meager pay than Army personnel, who are serving entire life on the border for safe guarding of mother laind but both the Forces are serving in the same place but different in pay scale. Why please, kindly give justice for BSF personnel who are devoting their lives for nation. Kindly delete the distance from both Forces please and give facilities at par with Army.


  47. Sudev Majumdar

    Dear Sir,

    I am working a Welfare Organiser in District Sainik Welfafe offfice of Madhya Pradesh, My Basic pay 9300-34800. The grade pay given by MP State Government is Rs 3200 which does not justify any how. It should be minimum Rs 4200 as per Central pay scales. This point may be considered in 7th cpc.

  48. jai

    sir ,I am not govt employee but I only have suggestion that paramilitaries force staff should given more salaries and allowance….. .they are doing hard work in extremist area as well as in hard area.but after study through blog they get neither good salary nor allawonce as par as defence and now they are enrolled in new pension plan.I am experienced their working conditions in bustar areas.please pay attention on paramilitaries staff,…….

  49. Ramswarup Bishnoi

    Sir, Clerks (SD) Staff Duties of Indian Army should comes under group ‘X’ from group ‘Y’ as the clerks (SD) having much more qualifications and also more educated then other trades in group Y. Education Havildar are also having same qualifications like clerks and he has already in group X. Education standards of clerks are not matching with other trade workers in group Y. As well as the work of clerks is concerned the group of clerk (SD) in Indian Army must be changed to group X.

    Thankx with regards and bright hope…..

    1. Rajeev

      Sir, i m fully agree to u. I proposed one other thing that recruitment qualification for clk and tradesmen are different but pay scale/gp are same. Such type of differential are due for correction in 7 cpc. Otherwise judicial way are open for the hearings. Mp is other one related issue that msp should be same for all army. Clk should be include in gp x.

  50. Kamal Kishore

    Sir ,
    I am constable in bsf i am gatting first macp and taking grade pay of hc but other allowances likeh hra, tpt and other allowance given me simillar constable whereever shuold meet like hc.
    Secondly in 6th pay commission all rank pay increas three time and more than three time but constable pay increase less than three time you can see it in pay structure of 6th cpc .i think it is not fair .thank you

  51. Prof. Chandrashekhar Yengde

    seventh pay commission is very good.but in other country there is very high scale give in a education department . because education is very important is mans life because education is made a man & country.

  52. Raj

    sir,all Navy personal r working in ship and doing technical work even stay in ship is require to be a technical man…. 2(.): every naval person should get x pay allowance.. ..

  53. Sukhdev Singh

    Sir, I am XSM Clk (SD) & presenly re-emp in indian rly as Pointsman in D Gp. We should given service as per our experience & qualification.

    1. gaur hs

      Exserviceman should be re employed in the same status. Its very difficult to adjust in lower grade. So my suggestion here. Exserviceman should be adjusted in same status as he worked earlier in defence. One person had served in defence as clerk in different ranks now he is working in D Group. If suppose I’m a principal of a school n required re employed n may be adjusted as a clerk or peon. What will be mine feeling. So……

  54. Munna Kumar

    Sir.courts assistants minimum qualification is gradute with some technical skills despite that we have avery poor pay scale followed by a poor grade pay while our work is very tedious & risky .we have to work more tham10 hours everyday .we have to work even in sunday & public holiday alas! but there neither extra remuneration nor any promotion in our service.sir,what’s the more our pay scale & grade pay is much below even a primary teacher.How can we adjust ourselves with the serious anamoly in our pay scle.we apeal to the honorable pay commission to improve our pay & grade pay so that we might satisfy ourselves.with great expectations ,we r thanking you.

  55. tofan singh meena

    I am seen the 7th pay commission report will accepted but only BSF personal SHQ/FTR HQ leave is very short i.e. 30 days e/l and 08 days I request leave additional add on 60/15 days please…..

  56. Ingle Madhav Ganpat

    Sir, May i know in the coming pay commission. for tradesmn civ edn reqd 10th class pass and for clk 12th with 50% agg 40%. When they join in the Army same pay band same gp ‘Y’ but the difference of duty is very high. but difference of pay not high. So many clk not willing to do duty in clk trade. A clk after geting senior his responsibility and working capacity will not come down. but remaining pers will get relax after becoming senior. So why different in the clk trade. So as per my openion clk must be in ‘X’ gp in the 7th cpc.

  57. Ravi

    Sir, Techical trades of Army enrolled with 10+2 sc with 50% mark but they also in group Y. They training around more than 2 year including basic training but others are complete their training with in one year and their attesation also done with in a year. Techincal teade get less pay from tradesman/GD entries due to delay in attestation. All are in Y group. They doing all technician jobs like Air force and Navy. You are requested approch for X group who are entries in Technical group in 7CPC. Thanks

  58. d m shirke

    when will 7th cpc implemnted at municipal corporations of cities,

    if it is w.e.f. 01.01.2016

    then its make huge difference to life of civic employees.

  59. Bhabatosh Nayak

    Sir,i am bhabatosh nayak (peon)my basic pay is now 5140 gp 1500.i want to this7th pay commission.how is my sallary.

  60. rajsen

    Sir, I am a primary teacher of west Bengal.our basic 7200 and GP-2300 at present. What will be gross after 7th pay comm? Does West Bengal govt.decided to pay the recommended amount and from which will it be effected?

  61. anil

    i have completed 22year defence service but my basic pay is 9340 and my grade pay is 2400 .I dont have my own house ,a land ,I am only person in employment in my family.6 members are dependent on this salary.
    difficulty in my children higher education.sir I am very loyal to my country and my work. so kindly increase basic pay.its a humble request .

  62. Mlal

    sir, all allces must be same for PBOR and Officers. Pay gap is very very high, why ? Pl pl reduce this gap. Thanks

  63. l/nk satyapal 16 jat regt.

    Good morning. this pay structure is not aspectable for army person.than soo u konw about theair condisition and hard duty in all dengerous areas…pls check out this again..thanks sir

  64. gyan singh

    sir it is seen that inspire of repeated request pay scale of same rank staff have different pay band for example Assistant Director in the Department of civil supplies and consumer affairs in pondichery draw grade pay 4600/- whereas in Andaman and Nicobar island is only 4200/- in Delhi it is 4800/- to FSO all same rank kindly look into it sir

  65. Abdul Mannan

    Hi I would like to ask a question as on 27 july bihar C.M announce about the pay scale of 5200-20200 with grade pay of 2400 for high school teacher. I would like to make sure that is there is PB1 will be available or he can ignore it.


    What will be the effect of the & 7th pay commission on the employees of west bengal? Is the finance ministry of west bengal going to approve the Dearness Allowance which is still due and give us full salary?

    i think everybody knows west bengal is still lagging behind the central DA percentage by 48%

  67. pankaj solanki(GDS/BPM)

    Dear sir
    I requested the 7th pay commission
    We work harder we deliver the post letters every day door to door. I have got salary only5000rs to aap muje bataiye k hum gramin dak sevak itani kam salary me ghar kese chalaye. I think Ak employees ki minimum salary 15000rs ho sake aisa pay scale banaiye jisase koi problem Na ho
    Jay hind.

  68. Rahul

    Please give full description about payment when now I am under grade pay 2000 and basic pay 6700 ……In 7th pay commission

  69. Kiruba latha,,teacher,rly

    Teachers are the back bones of student community.future generation is moulded by us. When we update our knowledge with higher qualifications ,the students community is going to be benefitted. The teachers with higher qualifications should be given incentives which will definitely lead to motivation..
    Secondly,period of granting
    Senior scale must be minimized to eight or niniyears of service in order to encourage teaching community..

  70. Kiruba latha,,teacher,rly

    Teachers should be encouraged with higher qualification which is helpful to promote students standards.monitary awards should be given that may lead to solid output.

  71. Ramendra chskraborty

    Regarding 7th pay nothing to say anything about dept. Of post ie postal staff their salary houserent postmaster gr. 1 , Gr Il ..
    and gr. Ill and their benifits etc. Not received any comment till this day.

  72. Rajkishor Gupta

    The Minimum pay scale of Drawing cadre in Railway in 7th pay commission should be
    on PB-3 Band pay Rs 46800-117300, GP Rs.19800, Entry pay Rs 76590.00 as this cadre are performing very responsible and tedious job of desiign and drawing, preparation of all types of estimate and schedule, to short out the methods for easy working in fields, they studying all the new specifications and relevent codes of related works and implementing the same to the desired satisfactory level of the department, as it is well known that no any field engineer can move one step without the drawing and schedule of the concerned work to be executed.

  73. kailas khandge

    sir, i am senior parhology lab tacnician now my basic 20390& gp 4700 . Total pay 60000 what will be the basic & gp in 7 th pay commission pl reply

  74. ssadhikari

    It is correct that difference betwenn pay scale of JCO(junior Commissioned Officers) and Officers is very high whereas work is same.

  75. N.K.Goel

    I find there is not much effort is done to disallow dis- parities in pay bends from 6th CPC and now. Pb3 and Pb.4 has a difference more than 2.5 times as previous. A person in pay bend -3 (15600 with grade pay 7600 ) if unfortunately left a few days to go to next bend Pb-4, he is suffering the whole time to get less than 2.5 times to his a bit senior colleague. This a wide disparity.Like wise 6th CPC who has combined all pay scale from entry to end in one pay bend with only two grade pay 6600 and 7600. ( only to last scale) Such partiality must be looked and should not be allowed . As one goes up his difference in working and responsibility reduced and so the difference in returns. Hope, this CPC would take it into considering before final recommendation.

  76. Vijay

    In other states iti instructors present pay scale is 9300 and grade pay 4200 but in Gujarat Iti instructors pay scale is 5200 and grade pay 2800 why this difference in scales present.??

  77. krishna

    please in indian airforce there is two trades (communication technitian & auto technitian) are coming under “y” but working with “x” ..and all technical jobs…so i requested to convert that trades to technical …

  78. jaymanu

    sir we are from bsf gd and we want to equal to army facilities. sir we doing duty so hard sir and face into another country war we are first face out then next coming other forces like army ,air force .we doing duty army and police duty like election and bandobast .so sir I request to you plz find out us problems and giving facilities and allowances

  79. jaymanu

    sir we are from bsf gd and we want to equal to army facilities. sir we doing duty so hard sir and face into another country war we are first face out then next coming other forces like army air forces .so first being war started bsf and finding army who are hard works sir.and as like kargle war face out first bsf then next coming army .so we want to equay allowances to army

  80. jaymanu

    sir we are from bsf gd and we want to equal to army facilities. sir we doing duty so hard sir and face into another country war we are first face out then next coming other forces like army air forces .so first being war started bsf and finding army who are hard works sir.and as like kargle war face out first bsf then next coming army .so we want to equal allowances to army.

  81. Debasis Nayak

    I am working as Guest Instructor in Govt. ITI,Odisha designation as PTGI(Part time Guest Instructor).
    The Maximum payment is 9300/- month,which is very difficult to live. So Can I expect the 7th pay commission if so please let me know the max payment and per class payment.

  82. Chandra prakash

    sir. My father has been enrolled in indian army in technical group as direct JCO In july 88 . Unfortunatly although after his 28 year of dedicated service with class 12 Science and diploma passed in first devision , his job status not changed . He was supervisor /JE at time of joining and still je . Only promoted to subedar . And all this miserable condition is due to lack of proper pay commision and promotion policy . Army personal like him live in false hope of promotion and respect and retire . A civil je is permoted to Ag But army mes j.e is restricted due to his army job . Kindly grant them extra fund or pay if promotion cant be granted so that these fraction ot hardworker can be satisfied with their job . Finencial upgradation should be granted to army personal in every 6 years if permotion cant be given and should be implemented in timly as they have no privlage of series of promotion which military officer have in short span of time . Thankyou

  83. kundan

    officers in indian armed forces,don’t work!!!!they r jst taking high amount of salary nd every welfare!!!there is a lot lot of difference , of evrythmg betwee the officers and jawans..this much difference compells them to treat us as slave!!we jawans are nothing more than slave for officers.so,for the sake of jawans and to make us feel proud that we r in fauj ,this difference should be minimised …this will b better for all from top to bott6.

  84. Ksk

    M working in iaf as a med asst now a dialysis tech but in y group m working more rhan 10 hours in a day including public holidays.i qualified a numers of exams for dialysis tech and undergone 2 year of training for same .so why not i m eligable for x group since all army and navy personnels in same rank and qualification are in x group. Regards

    1. solider

      it is my request to govt of india to look into the matters so that it will lead to a beautiful ondia tmrw with least corruption and a super power

    2. Xyz

      Dont think yoo much dear fellow air warrior….. kam peh concentrate karo…. till u get retired…. koi option nahin hai

  85. bahadur singh

    Sab ko apni pay aur x gp ki padi hai desh ka bhe socho hum kaise agge ja skate hai app sab ko zzzz gp main dalna chahiya


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