7th Pay Commission Retirement Age

What is 7th Pay Commission Retirement Age recommended by 7th Pay Commission committee member for central Government employee and for state government employee. 7th Pay committee is working since long time for new pay structure for central employee. It is assume that there is handsome salary hike in employee and lots of benefits for pensioners. Among them there is one question what is 7th Pay Commission Retirement Age recommended by 7th CPC?

7th Pay Commission Retirement Age

As per latest news on 29-06-2016, cabinet ministry of Modi government finalize and give green flag to implement 7th pay commission. As per latest news by media finance ministry and panel of 7th pay committee  has finalize about age limit / retirement age. Age limit of 60 years or 33 year of service which is less from both is the final retirement age.

Is there any recommendation for 7th Pay Commission Retirement Age is given or not? It is the big question in mind of CG employee. If this proposal is given then what is the actual retirement age as per 7th pay commission?

7th Pay Commission Retirement Age

Is 58 years of Employee OR 30 years of service? As a retirement age

From source, there is news for retirement age of central employee is that. 58 years of employee OR 30 years of service which comes early that is the retirement age for that employee.

AT first there is a 58 years of employee is the Retirement age for that employee, if this employee has joined job / department at the age of 25 or 30, that thing does not matter in this case. If your age complete 58 years then you have to compulsory retire from post.

Since few years central government employee retirement age decided is 60 years of employee. But after implementation of seventh pay commission there is no final decision about this point. Is retirement age is 58 or 60 or 30 years of service or 33 years of service? There is no final clear cut instruction for 7th Pay Commission Retirement Age.

In Army / Milatery / Navy / Air force there is no retirement age 58 or 60. but for civilian job person it is easy to do job till 60 years. Civilian Jobs like : Teacher, Junior Clerk , Senior Clerk, Professor, Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Lecturer, ITI Instructor, Foreman. This job person can do successful job performance till this age.

10 thoughts on “7th Pay Commission Retirement Age

  1. Manzur

    if retirement age is 33 year Maximum employees i.e 5% Employees has on spot retired in this action.
    How to reaction of these employees who will effected on this Govt.rule..

  2. sri

    It is an injustice to the the employees who joins at the age of 21,22,23.. upto 26.. as they will loose 6 to 1 year service if the 33 years service is implemented..instead there should be uniform rule for all the age groups.. either the retirement age could be 60 or 58 irrespective of the years of service…


    Serving in defenc there in two cat
    (a) GD
    (b) Tech

    GD : my view is that 17 years is complceary and 02 years extention.

    Tech: My view is that 20 years is complceary to get person and age up to 60 years.

  4. sivakumaran.M

    On behalf of my mom I am posting this comment
    My father was an Ex Service men (JCO subedar)retired with 24 years of service (VRS)After 10 years of his,retirement he passed away .my mother continue to get the Pension till now.her recent pension amount withdrawing from the account was 12000 per month from SBI
    Kindly let me knowv.how much pension she is going to get effective from August 1 2016 as per seventh pay commission
    Kindly do clarify
    Thanks & Regards

  5. Bhuvaneswari Ravi

    Welcome the recommendation of retirement 60 years or 33 years of service whichever is earlier, youngsters would get benefited for the future young india.

  6. Bhabendra Nath Boruah

    not specified about d revision of PENSION of retired employees. Needs more attention reg.payment of Medical allowance of retd.employees. Further ,instruction to all State Govts.adopted Central Pay pattern shd. declare simultaneously 2its employees & retd.pensioners.

  7. Bhabendra Nath Boruah

    Since some State Govts.already adopted Central Pay pattern shd.not make any delay declaring 7th Pay revision including payments of Pensions & arrears.It is an ethical demand.

  8. Subbarayan.p

    Retirement age may be between 55 and 58 or 33yrsof service is better since
    1. To create employment younger generation
    2. The efficiency of old age will be less and less productivity
    3. Can’t cope with the new technology and better management
    4. People will be only talk and don’t work


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