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7th Pay Commission Committee Chairman and Members

7th Pay Commission Committee Chairman and Members …

Here, Short Profile of 7th Pay Commission Committee Chairman and Members are given. You can find detailed Information about Chairman of 7th CPC, Member of 7th pay commission, Director of seventh pay commission, and Secretary of 7th CPC.

7th Pay Commission Committee Chairman and Members

Mr. Justice A. K. Mathur – Chairman of 7th Pay CPC


Mr. Justice A. K. Mathur is the Chairman of this pay commission. He was born on -7-07-1943. He has completed M.A. L.L.B. His career was started as an Advocated of Rajasthan High Court. After promotion from this place he was appointed as Assistant then Deputy Government Advocated in Jodhpur in period of January 31, 1977 to July 12, 1978. He had joined Rajasthan High Court as a Additional Judge and then Permanent Judge. Now transfer of this person to Madhya Pradesh as a chief justice on 3rd February 1996.

Finally on 7th June 2004 Mr. Mathur was appointed as a Judge in Supreme Court of India. And Retired on 7th August 2008.

Mr. Vivek Rae – Full Time Member of Seventh Pay Commission


Mr. Rae was joined IAS Indian Administrative Service in 1978. As an IAS officer this person has lots of experience of social and economic sector, health, education, different type of financial planning. Mr. Vivek Rae has served as a deputy commissioner of state of Arunachal Pradesh in duration of 1985 to 1988.

Also Joined as Assistant Resident Representative of United National Development Programme in duration of year 1991 to year 1995 in Delhi.  Then also work as a financial secretary and planning secretary in Goa.  In the last he has worked as a Joint Secretary as Plan Finance in Ministry of India in duration of 2002 to 2006. This is the journey of the Mr. Rae.

Rathin Roy – Part Time Member of 7th Pay Commission of India.


This person has achieved PhD in Economics from Cambridge University of UK.  Mr. Roy has worked as a Director of NIPFP, Director of Asian Pacific Regional Center Bangkok, Director of IPC-IG, Public Resource Management Advisor, Economic Advisor of Finance Commission of India.

7th Pay Commission Committee Chairman and Members (Full Time and Part Time) of seventh pay commission of India. In this article you can find short detail of the 7th CPC chairman and member.