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5 thoughts on “Contact US

  1. r k singh

    Dont missmatch the people who works in defence , r u giving nothing compare to him job , u know always war or pece time war like terrisium , always kill sailors or jawan not officers , but u give money for officers only not for jawan , in all other countery , most of payment is not different , in indiya so many distance, tell me why

  2. Arun Lama

    Sir, I am working as a Sr. Technician since promoted in the year 2006. I presumed that after completion of ten years continuous service in the same category, may I have the opportunity to get the MACP after effecting 7th pay commission?

  3. Dr. M. K. Gajera, President ISDF Gujarat

    Under the provisions of the Constitution of India, Government can not give differential treatment to All India Service employees of the State and other employees. If the Government follows pay Rules under Seventh CPC for All India Services and not for other employees, it amounts to violation of Article 14 of the Constitution which is not permissible legally.


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