Topic: Technical Airmen in Indian Air Force for 7th Pay Commission

Are the technical airmen in the Indian Air Force less paid? I never understood why every pay commission has degraded the status and pay of the Technical Airmen (especially the technical Sgts) in the Indian Air Force.

Technical Airmen in the Indian Air Force are either a civil diploma holder or 10+2 in Science and thereafter undergo technical training in their respective training institutes. Although the qualification they achieve, after completion of their training, is equivalent to a civil diploma engineer, but the reason is unknown why the technical Airmen (equivalent to civil diploma engineers) in the Indian Air Force are placed in the lowest pay band (5200-20200) with a ‘X’ group pay of 1400 rupees only, after completion of their training. Whereas the civil diploma holders are directly placed in Pay band – 2 with a Grade pay of 4200/- rupees. This is totally injustice with the technical airmen of the Indian Air Force.

Further, a civil diploma engineer becomes equivalent to a Degree in Engineering and gets promoted, at least, to the position of an Assistant Engineer, or an Engineer in 10 to 12 years. The salary also increases considerably. But for a technical airman, even to get a diploma engineer’s scale, he has to complete a minimum of 13 & ½ years of service, clears all the requisite service promotion exams and become a SGT (Senior non commissioned officer). Yes, this the rank, from when, a technical airman becomes eligible to get a diploma engineer’s scale, but, wait. Does he get the actual diploma engineer’s scale then also? Let me compare and the picture will be cleared to all of you.

Pay of civil diploma holder in 5th Pay Commission: 5000-150- 8000 / Pay of technical SGT in 5th Pay Commission: 4670-85- 5945. Later upgraded to 5000-100- 6500 (Reason? to give less pension?)

Pay of civil diploma holder in 6th Pay Commission: 9300-34800 with a grade pay 4200/ Pay of technical SGT in 6th Pay Commission (fact but true) :- 5200- 20200 with a Grade pay of Rs. 2800.

Why this sort of discrimination and injustice? There is less chance that before leaving the service (initial bond) a technical SGT will get any further promotion. That means a technical airman, being a diploma engineer, will join in Pay Band 1 and complete the service (20 years) in the same pay band. Thanks God, the attained basic pay can’t be reduced.

There are no sort of good politicians ans bureaucrats in our country. Why they have not intervened so far? There can’t be any argument that higher ranks deserve higher pays, but does that mean the subordinate staffs need to be paid less? Is it the reason that the difference personnel can’t form an union and some of their fundamental rights are restricted, so, they need not to be looked after?

Another thing pained me a lot. What does the ‘Military Service Pay’ means? The JCOs (Class II Gazetted Offr) & the the other ranks placed below the Commissioned officers are less military than the military nursing offers? Why a non combatant staff will get more MSP than the combatant personnel? Please think for them also. They also need to be looked after. Is there anyone who is listening?
Key words: OROP (One Rank One Pension), Indian Air Force SGT’s pay scale, PBORs, Pay disparity: technical airmen vs civil diploma engineer.

Posted by Anjan Dey