How to Calculate Salary as per 7th Pay Commission

On 29 June 2016 cabinet had given green flag for all recommendation of 7th Pay Commission. Modi government has given approval on that day. All waiting of central government employee is over on Wednesday. 7th pay commission bill pass finally. So all government employees are in confusion for what is next increased salary? How to Calculate Salary as per 7th Pay Commission ? What are the benefits in allowance like HRA, TA, DA and Medical allowance? The given below article How to Calculate Salary as per 7th Pay Commission give you tips for how to calculate new salary / pay scale as per 7th CPC.

How to Calculate Salary as per 7th Pay Commission

Please follow given below instruction to Calculate Salary as per 7th Pay Commission. This salary is calculated on day 01 January 2016. Because implementation of 7th Pay commission is from 01 January 2016.

Based on the minimum pay, a fitment factor of 2.57 is being proposed to be applied uniformly for all employees.

How to Calculate Salary as per 7th Pay Commission

Step 1: Check your basic pay as on 01-01-2016.

Step 2: Multiply your basic pay by 2.57 multiplication factor.

Step 3: Add TA, HRA, Medical Allowance etc to this.

New Initial Pay = (Basic Pay (as on 01-01-2016) * 2.57) + All Allowance

How to Calculate Salary as per 7th Pay Commission

The given below table will calculate salary as after 7th Pay Commission Notification by Central Government of India.

7th Pay Commission Salary Calculator 2016
Basic Pay as on 1.1.2016
(Including Grade Pay)
Select Your Pay Band
and Grade Pay
Select Your
Transport Allowance
Select Your
House Rent Allowance
Select Your City
Non Practicing Allowance
7th Pay Initial Salary
Your Salary :

Important Facts of 7th Pay Commission

  • Minimum Salary in central government job is Rs 18000.
  • Maximum salary is 2,25,000 per month as in pay for apex scale and 2,50,000 per month cabinet secretary and all other same level post.
  • Fitment Factor is 2.57
  • Annual salary increment rate is 3%.
  • No Grade Pay System. This is replaced by pay matrix of 19 level.
  • All military service pay increased.
  • Gratuity ceiling doubled from 10 lakh to 20 lakh.
  • Housing loan allowance like from 7.5 lakh to 25 lakh.

Calculate your Arrears as per 7th Pay Commission Notification

7th Pay Commission Arrears Calculator 2016

Article How to Calculate Salary as per 7th Pay Commission cover equation for salary calculation for all pay scale and current grade pay for all government employee.

This is also useful to all state government employee of different state like : Gujarat, Punjab, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Manipur, Mijoram, Assam, Karnataka, Meghalay, Maharashtra.

40 thoughts on “How to Calculate Salary as per 7th Pay Commission

  1. सुरेश चन्‍द्र शर्मा

    जो मिल रहा है वह वर्तमान कार्य के अनुसार सही है ।

    1. वेद आनन्द

      ये बात सबके बारे में सही नहीं है हरियाणा सवास्थय विभाग में लैब टैक्निसीयन के साथ बहुत बुरा हो रहा।

      1. Azad

        High School teachers in maharastrake sath Bura ho Raha Hain sr. Scale ke grade pay main 100 rupees ka hi farak hain jab ke main 1000rupees ka high school ka grade pay 4200 se 4300 yane100 Rs ka difference main 4400 se 5400 yane 1000 Rs.ka ye kaisa andha Kanoon? High School ke bare main goverant ko padi nahi Jago Modiji aur dekho apki Sarkar main kya ho Raha Hain.

  2. Dr. M. K. Gajera, President ISDF Gujarat

    Pay calculator displayed is not working.
    Revised pay as per GSR (E) dated 25-7-2016, it is not only (basic payX2.57) but it is (basic payX2.57)+ DA of NPA as on 1-1-2006 plus all existing allowances at the prevailing rates as notional.
    GOI has notified CCS-RP Rules 2016 under GSR 721(E) dated 25-7-2016, wherein under Rule 7-B (i), it is mentioned that the revised pay would be fixed for doctors by adding Dearness Allowance on the pre-revised Non-Practicing Allowance admissible as on 1st day of January, 2006 to the amount arrived after multiplying the present basic pay by 2.57. It is not clarified what is the basis of taking DA on NPA of 2006 on one side and which amount would be taken into consideration in this fixation if the doctor was not in the service as he joined after 2006.

  3. Suryakant gautam

    Annual increment me sart thik nahi hai.isse bade officers ki tanasahi ho jayegi.mare jayenge chhote karmchari.ise lagu nahi hona chahiye.

  4. Mukesh rathod

    Mery salary calculated mathed ?
    Grade pay how to difinide?
    All the person. Same calculate 2.57 2.62?

  5. sikander hela

    My basic pay + g pay is 10040. ……..and my girlfriend pay is 2400. What will be my salary in 7th
    Pay commition ?

  6. prasad Bevara

    Jo allowance hai,jai ki MS PAY; ALLOWANCE Sabh ko ekh jaise hona chahiye kounki hamh sabh military mein our sabh Field (CIA)Area mein hai,my sabh se nivedanh hai ki sabh ko hona chahien.JAI HINDH

  7. वेद आनन्द

    Being same work same Qualification Pay Scale is deffrant in Haryana Health Deptt. for Lab. Tech. (M)

  8. Zeel

    This is a governments numerical magic
    U can’t understand. . . .
    Badi badi khabar chap dete he news me.
    Bina kuch samje public pagal Ho rahi he. . .
    10 saal me ak bar hi aata he Pay commission.
    Or vo bhi jo employee public ka kaam karte he usko unke hi pese deneko sarkar burdon bata rahi he.
    135 crore ki population ko mostly a got. Employe hi manage karte he.
    Public ka kaam Karane valo ko sarkari tijori ka boj nahi bolt .
    Jinko 250000 lakh ki salary he unko socHo or jinki 7000 he unki. 250000 ki salary valo ko sab fecelity milti he to Un logo ki salary kam karke Jinko kam salary milti he unka adjust karna chahiye. . . Par vo nahi karenge. Kyoki satta unki he. .
    5 saal ki fix turn hone ki bavjud bhi puri jindgi govt. Inko sab facility deti he. . Or jo puri saal class 4 ya class 3 ki ya 2 ki ya 1 ki job kare to b Koi fecelity nah. .. isn’t it?

  9. Daxesh shah

    my basic pay 26040 ,grade pay 5400 on dated 31-5-2016 ,i my self promoted on same pay and grade pay please claculate my salary on 1 st jan 2016 and also on 1s t July 2016 , my pay Band 9300-34800

    in Gujarat gove i have to give option for fix pay either on 1 st Jan-2016 or July -2016

  10. Jakir Hussain

    I am a primary school teacher. Now my basic pay is 9050(6350+2700) & pay band is 2 i.e 5200.00-20200 HR 10% MA 600 what will be my new scale & salary?

    1. Anwar Ahmad

      I am a primary teacher in odisha. My current pay is 6400+2200=8600 HRA is 5% and my pay band is 5200 -20200. What will be new pay as per seventh pay. My qualification is B.Sc Bed


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