Is there any separate 7th Pay Commission for Armed Forces ?

Rumors are spreading that Government of India will form separate pay commission for armed forces to provide much benefits for their service to the nation. It is not confirmed by the Government but lots of employees are thinking that way and spreading the news. Lots of Employees Unions has urged Cabinet to form the seventh pay commission to review their pay scale and grade pay as per latest inflation and time. Already Cochin Naval Workers Union has urged Cabinet Secretary to start process of the commission.

Indian Armed Forces

There are also lots of advantages and disadvantages for armed forces in separate pay commission. What will be their pay scale if new separate pay commission is formed and created. There are also various hurdles are there in the pay scale and grade pay. Commission didn’t announced any special pay scale for the military / armed force yet in the history of pay commission.

There are also news spreading about some projected and predicted pay scale / grade pay for each and every employees from their existing scale. Thousands and lakhs of central Government as well as State Government employees wants to know their new pay scale if seventh pay scale implemented. It is only rumors and prediction of the grade pay and pay scale. There is no official confirmation.

Reasons of Separate Pay Commission for Armed Forces

Armed Forces are working day and night for the security of our nation. They are getting very much less pay scales and grade pay compare to their sacrifice for the nation. That’s why widespread demand has been raised for separate pay commission or give good pay scales / grade pay to Armed forces.

They have also demanded representation of Armed forces in the Pay Commission. Still, there is no official announcement for the pay commission members and Chairman.

What do you think about this idea of Separate pay commission ?

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4 thoughts on “Is there any separate 7th Pay Commission for Armed Forces ?

  1. manoj Kumar

    Their should not be separated income Defence. central government should think on this. or if it is different from central government then the payment should be higher than them because these peoples work harder than others central government people.

  2. Sanjay Singh Tomar

    Salary should be based on qualification, Experience, skill same like other employee in country. Risk allowance should be given when they faced the risk or effected from risk evolved. Country situation should to taken in consideration ,inflation effect on tax payer directly or indirectly otherwise country can’t grow by over burden by some section of society for paying the salary of government employee. Why there is no pay commission in corporate for corporate employee to give them justification are they not citizen of this country.


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