Private employees seeks salary hike like 7th Pay Commission

After 7th Pay Commission recommendations, the private companies employees want similar pay hike in their salary and perks. India inc employees are suffering from lower salary, and lower perks compared to the central government employees after implementation of 7th Pay Commission.

7th Pay Commission Salary Hike for Central Government Employees conducted a survey regarding the 7th Pay Commission salary hike. Survey shows that 70% private sector employees regreat working in the private sector. They also seek 23.55% salary hike plus perks as per the recommendations of the seventh pay commission.

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“The discontent caused in the private sector by this performance-indiscriminate hike to central government employees is palpable. And India Inc employers are having to face the brunt of this dissatisfaction with lowered motivation and performance levels,” COO Vivek Madhukar said. A large majority of respondents (68%) felt that this hike was “unfair”.

According to the same survey, 30% employees feel that after the implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendations, salary difference will be widen between public and private sector employees. Another 47% employees feel that the salary rise has no linkage to employee performance.

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Most of private sector employees disappointed with pay scales provided in the private sector. About 80% junior/entry-level private sector employees regretted for working in the private sector instead of public sector.

“All (100%) the professionals surveyed said private sector companies should increase minimum wages like the central government,” the survey noted.

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However, most of private sector employees agreed that private sector jobs offers for room for career growth and better opportunity for progress. They score better than the government jobs.

This survey done by covered more than 700 professionals working in the private companies across India, who earns their salary based on performance and contribution to the organization.

News first published on December 16, 2015.

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  1. kanha Singh Chauhan

    MY PAY BAND AND GRADE PAY OF Rs. 14760/- and Rs.3200/- now i want to know in new revised scale where i will stand.


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