Projected Pay Scale of Assistant Professor in 7th Pay Commission

Assistant Professor wants to know their expected pay scale and grade pay in Seventh Pay Commission very much eagerly. Government of India has already announced the pay commission for central government employees. Recently, NMC has urged the Prime Minister to appoint the chairman as well as members of  7th CPC committee members. Yet, Government of India didn’t announced the committee members and Chairman of the commission.

Assistant Professor 7th Pay Scale

Assistant Professor 7th Pay Scale


Projected Pay Scale of Assistant Professor in 7th Pay Commission

  • Current Pay Scale of Assistant Professor is Rs. 15600 – Rs. 39100 Plus Grade Pay Rs. 6600 = Entry Pay Rs. 25530
  • New Pay Scale as per 7th Pay for Assistant Professor is Rs. Rs. 46800 – Rs. 117300 Plus Grade pay Rs. 19800 = Entry Pay Rs. 76590

So, it it expected that there will be so much benefit for the Assistant Professor when Government of India implements the pay scale. We have also reported time frame here for the expected implementation dates.

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If there will be any delay in the implementing the pay commission then Government of India will also provide arrears as happened in the Sixth Pay Commission. So, there is no worry for all the Government employees.

We hope that information and details on Projected Pay Scale of Assistant Professor in 7th Pay Commission will be useful to all people around the country. You can also read Primary Teachers pay scale here.

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Article last re-published on March 5, 2015.

115 thoughts on “Projected Pay Scale of Assistant Professor in 7th Pay Commission

  1. Ajay Kumar

    Other allowances like Newspaper Allowance, Brief-case Allowance, Laptop-Allowance, etc. needs to be reviewed rigorously. PLB to be given to all employees. Group-B posts should be abolished i.e. promotion should be directly to Group-A like in RPF Deptt.

    1. sanatkumar

      Sir ji, you all are best paid. If you analyse you may find you all are getting ₹500-6000 per lecture.No responsibility/accountability even 100% student fail but you will get 100% salary.6 month holiday,remaining 6month politics. Thanks God and thanks to our students that India still a brain bank. U all are always interested in privates tuition,coaching etc.
      . In history you got thumb as guru dashina from Eklawaya without teaching him just to protect your students. But no body can beat you in your illogical logic.
      Pl don’t compare with financial Institution, Army or any other job where responsibilities & accountabilities are always there

        1. G.krishna

          Sir, I am very happy to see that people who are out side the teaching profession watching the pay revision and other developments in this section. You say that we are working only for six months. please see the remaining six months whether the students are out of home for their private business. who is doing the examination work, valuation work and other college related new schemes of government. And again as per new pension scheme we are not pension for which we our self contribute for that out of our current salary even though our MPs MLAs are getting life long pension just for their one term completion.
          Lastly what is your qualification please enter in to this profession then you will also enjoy the profession which we are enjoying now

      1. Dr Hemachandra

        Analysis can be positive also. Please consider the teachers with positive attitude. There are teachers who work more than 40 hrs a week according to UGC guidelines who think training young minds to be men and women for others. No one to recognise them. New UGC pay scales has given them some recognition to these dedicated teachers. Let them be happy outside this 40 hrs structure.
        I love my teachers who shaped my life.

      2. Bpm

        Just like all policeman are not same, all armymen are not same, all ias are not same. In same way all teacher are not same dear. Teaching is a profession if rendered with sincerity will be very helpful to human society. Apj kalam was also a teacher in one aspect. He always loved teaching. Teaching is not a easy profession if rendered dutifully

      3. Gopalakrishna.K

        Mr. Sanatkumar according to you colleges are having only 6 months working day. I do not agree with you .See Mr. Sanatkumar our college reopens on June 15th and odd semesters end on October 15th then starts the semester exams and continues till 15th November all most all the staff members having examination duties that is without duty remuneration then starts the valuation work for minimum of 18 days. (without remuneration) Then from 15th December on wards even semesters start. Even semesters end on 15th of April then again exams up to 15th May then again starts valuation work up to 12th June. This is the work cycle. In between this we have to attend seminars, work shops, NAAC preparations , Refresher courses (total 03) Orientation course (01) Conduct seminars, guest lectures, etc. All these are apart from the regular classes. And these are required for the promotion as per the new guidelines. We the teaching community having 10 E.L against 30 E.L of other employees per year. For your notice, 10th pass private bus conductor earns Rs.30,000 per month.

  2. Prof. Dr. Umasankar Saha

    Projected pay scale is fantastic but it has to be kept high compared to the industrial as well as finance sector in India.

    1. Dr. Sanju Das

      We should not expect too much from the Government; instead we need to render our services in the right earnest.

    2. Sam

      Prof. Dr. Umasankar Saha,
      Probably you guys should also be subject to job insecurity and high quality expectations as in industrial and finance sector. Teaching same out of date subject matter every year! Do you even deserve one tenth of what you being paid?

      1. Karan

        Sam i think ur just another management guy who is just born to please ur bosses in private sector have u ever thought to clear UGC-Net or any p.hd enterance test,,,,,go kill ur self,,,,any body culd lick in bpo and rise,,,but to crack competitive exam u need guts & patience which is clearly lacking in you.

        1. Prashanth Puranik

          Sam has a valid point and I agree with it – although the last line mentioning 1/10 etc. could be avoided.

          Go kill yourself Mr. Karan? – are these any civil words from your side either?

          FYKI – I work in the industry right now. But I have been a lecturer for 3 years and a corporate trainer for 4 years before this. Yes, I have cleared UGC NET for Computer Science (Dec 2012, Roll number 74870271). I have also cleared PhD entrance for Mysore University (Dec 2013, Roll no 48200), NIT Surathkal (July 2014). I had been doing PhD at IISc Bangalore for a while (2010-11) but dropped out due to personal reasons.

        2. Ashish

          Karan, JFYI we who work in private sectors also come from a background of clearing competitive exam.
          IIT JEE, AIEEE, CAT to name a few.
          As far as AssLicking is concerned I have seen many PHD scholars kissing Asses of their Guide, Bringing samosas and serving tea to them.

          With great packages come greater respnsibility, Hope work of Govt. sector employees also gets reviewed every year.

          Strict Hire and Fire policy should be followed accross all sectors.

          1. Shreya Sharma

            Well I personally think the pay scale has been low of academicians as compared to people working in private sector.We choose ourselves to be in public/private sector.Quite frankly fighting over who is better is a waste of time.Economy needs both.As far as Phd. and competitive exams are concerned it is a matter of personal choice.People might opt out after M Phil. Though it is a fact that everyone isn’t quite patient and determined to get a Phd.
            You people are actually fighting over this!!! LOL 😛

        3. Mish

          Hey!Why do you give generalized statements? All professors aren’t teaching wat they taught and how they taught it 10,20 yes ago. Infact,we revamp it for the next session if required. Where did you study? Or are you just plain right jealous?! I don’t support unreasonably hefty pays. But,the work some people put in is worth it!

      2. alok

        how can u measure everyone with same scale.??? industrial persons doesnt deserve more than 20 k rs. u knw to become proffesor state psc exam should be passed as well as master degree as well as phd as well as net slat exam should be clear…they deserve more than private sectors…

          1. Himansu

            Mr. Prashant Puranik, please validate your statement.
            Mr. Sam went through all these troubles because he was below the grade and could not get a job after bachelors.

      3. Dr. Aditi Sanjay

        All professors do deserve to be paid the exact amount of the pay pand as entitled to other central government employees along with grade pay. The work of professors does NOT include in teaching or demonstrating OBSOLETE study materials . Every syllabus gets revised in the commencement of a new academic year and apart from that every professsors hv other salient duties to perform as per the UGC guidelines which include thousands of answer papers scrutiny , examination duties , active participation in extra co-curricular activities which are held as mandatory to keep the performance record in PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL laid by the UGC intact. No job hence , is non deserving .

      4. Dr. Zakirullah

        Yes.we deserve bcoz in any soceity the bearers of knowledge shuold be paid highly otherwise the wise would be opted other fields and gradually the the siciety would lost acquired knowledge and skills day by day. In epic ages we had the scientific skills reported in Mahabharata but to gradual
        decrease in respect to the teachers we lost all that and returned to primitive stage.

        1. J Panigrahi

          Dear Sir
          In every society people must be paid as per their responsibilities, challenges, risk involved, involvement required out from family life, post requiring knowledge update seriouly etc.
          Hence we must not argue with our narrow vision. Being professionals we must think how to provide our best to generate new employement in society and changing life of few if not hundreds.

      5. Shivan

        what sort of stupid comment is this? if the pay packages for teachers are good then intelligent people will be attracted towards teaching. SO many people who are good teachers do not take it up as a proffession becasue of the low pays. do you want your kids to be taught by people who are idiots and only become teachers because they cant do anything else?
        Probably you have been taught by teachers who weren’t good. Because all my teachers in school, UG and PG were wonderful and have shaped my life. I would love to see attractive pay packages for them. And i would also love to see intelligent and diligent youth taking up teaching as a profession.
        Teaching should definitely be encouraged through higher pay packages. And once higher pay has been implemented, performance appraisal can also be implemented, as it already is in so many private institutes.
        Find solutions, but please do not call teachers undeserving.

        1. Prashanth Puranik

          Good points. Talented people should consider teaching as a viable option.. Hope that day comes soon. Lazy people (asking with others) should be subject to genuine appraisal process in teaching..

      6. Narasimhulu

        Dear Sam, I disagree with your comment….If you are literate, you should feel shame to comment on teachers like Prof. Umasankar saha.. Just imagine with out teachers, your position…

      7. Jack

        Mr Sam,

        You don’t have minimum commonsense. You might have read the same subject assuming that they are teaching the same. How can you comment on a professor? First of all understand his intention. Shame of you.

      8. roy

        yaa we deserve a lot than the orthodox people who sits and stands as their boss says. teachers of primary schools are also neglected but can u people make your next generation literate without starting the basic education. aslo thank your teachers who taught u to make u to the position u r in. otherwise u would have been working as some labours or teaboys. also the alphabets” a b c d …..” repeats everydays buy its never old.

      9. Amit

        Dear SAM,
        You don’t even have a name and writing nonsense..
        You should have taken your studies seriously to avoid studying same matter every year.

      10. Ratan kumar

        Asst Prof salary should be 4 times the current salary. Why people compare manual and finance works with teaching. Teachers require different skills. And to become Profs it requires so many years of brain work. And more over the posts are very few. All developed countries pay huge salaries to Profs. People are spending lakhs for kids education. Then why can’t Profs?

        1. shabir

          who r becoming professors…those who couldnot compete in competitive exams finally select arts subjects nd become professors….best students crack competitive exams nd become professionals….stl they r not paid wht they deserve……

      11. Santhi

        Sad that you are left with this kind of opinion about teaching profession. I only blame your teachers who failed to create a positive impact.

      12. Rajiv Pradhan

        My dear SAM,

        Your words reflect your frustrated attitude towards life. If you were indeed a good student in your yester-years, you wouldn’t be criticizing a teacher like this. Pity you.

        I remember the adage- “there’s no smoke without fire.” The fact that we call teachers undeserving shows our lack of awareness about teachers- whom even our epics have worshiped as role models of youth in the society.

        Our present social mindset is only an indication of the fact that we can not afford to overlook this callous attitude any longer. So if better packages can attract the best brains to educate our children- the future of our society, isn’t that encouraging?? As someone rightly mentioned, I’m sure all of us would want our children to be educated by the best in the class, not some mediocre fellow who belies his duties until spanked by his boss.

      13. Anees

        Sam the trend is no more the same and is constantly changing. Those days of old teaching methods (which we were accustomed to) are gone. Every Semester is different and requires great effort from a teacher`s side. The teaching now is more Outcome Oriented and is constantly improved through different kinds of feedbacks. For example for Engineering courses, Industrial feedback is continuously taken to modify the courses so that the graduates meet the industry requirements.
        Teachers are now more involved in research activities. University teachers are treated with great respect and honor in developed countries. And we in India are slowly reaching there. Don`t be Jealous! Be Positive! 😛 😀 .

      14. deepak sabnani

        who taught you in your schools, coachings, colleges ……..dont dare to say anything about teachers…they are building blocks of the country…..if you have talent then try to join as professor and teach thousands of students about your innovative ideas…..
        iit guwahati(student)

      15. Xyz

        Pls. Don’t evaluate all on same scale. Some serious faculty people are also in university but have not got what they should have.

      16. Tri

        #Sam No one Teaches same out of subject every year, To become a professor u have to do research which is not a small thing to qualify JRF or to clear NET, May be u know what is research -_- u ppl are not enuf matured to speak about a teacher or a professor, research leads to development, if there is no research then u don’t have computer to comment rubbish, and those researches will teach students who are backbone for the nation , there is no better job then teaching, may be an asshole teacher taught u this foolish -_- may his soul rest in peace for teaching an asshole like u , you are not even considered as dustbin . GETLOST 😀

    3. Amit

      Faaltu ka paisa in bakwas professor ko dete hai….kaam ka na dham ka din bhar baithna hai…inko 2800 g.p mai daalo….means entry pay about 30000

  3. prakash chandra

    Sahi hai , saara budget unhi teachers pae kharch kar diya jaana chhhaihye nahi padhate hai…pay commission ko dhyan dete huye anay sabhi kae work sae compare karke hi teachers ki salary decide karni chaahiye…………………………………………. ……………… ……white elephant
    …………….. …. paalne ka shok band karey

  4. Pravin

    last time there was not much differences between professor and Associate Professor but in Associate and Assistant too much hike is there and most of the Assistant leave the job because of traditional improvement in scales and promotions

  5. Dr. AjaiKumar

    The UGC scale should be implemented as such in all States for the post of college teachers. I’m stating so because, in Kerala if we work in any college in Panchayath area an Assistant Professor will get only Rs. 250 as HRA, and in Muncipality Rs. 840 as HRA and Rs. 350 as CCA, whereas in other states they are getting as per UGC scale. Moreover the arrears of 6th pay commission is not yet been disbursed. There should be provisions to meet the Educational expenses of children as in the case of Central Govt. employees.

    1. yoosafak

      Whenever ugc pay scale was implemented in kerala state, it was CPIM rule. Therefore, they undermined the Pay scales and allowances as fixed by UGC. Thus they have been cheating the working class in this case. Look at the pension age, HRA, and other benefits to the employees which have been completely disregarded by them. Yet, they claim they implemented UGC in the state. The ordinary people always think that College/University teachers are getting the benefits of UGC Scheme! Now Kerala has decided to implement State Pay commission report. If that is done, College teachers (at least with 5 years of service) will be getting salary lower than HSST entry scale in the state.

  6. Dr. Jalin Prakash Chetia

    The pay scales of 1st World Countries are always first class and the 3rd world countries are 3rd class. So, from the starting point of life they always need to take loans from the providing sources to Marry, to buy a Land, to buy a Car, to build a house, after marriage a student loan for relief or need to take loan in purpose of given marriage for their daughters. Thus they fight for every EMI till retirement. Is this problem not happening in India? Then what are the solutions from every hoping Government of this World? Will this be continuing for the poor? Not for the Elite.

  7. Subhan Khan

    The 7th payscale is very attractive as it has been shown in different sources. It will attract young aspirants towards the field of higher education and improve its standard those who were so far leaning towards civil services now turn to become professors as ugc is going to offer much high scale in the upcoming commission.

    1. Babulal Murmu, M.PHI Scholar, VISVA-BHARATY

      Many people who are government employees are leaping in joy in the thought of the 7th pay scale commission which is most probably going to be held in 2016. But, according to me, this will be unforgivable injustice to the working class people. The price of the necessary commodities will go higher and higher. Most of the government employees will turn into the late capitalist. The difference between the poor and the rich will become like that of master and slave. So where is the justice of our democracy. ..? We, the people of India, should revise the pay scale system. Otherwise, its effect will affect our country.

      Money and wealth are nothing , “humanity, equality, and fraternity” is everything. …..

  8. gaurav ganguly

    Its a shame that all the assistant professors are getting such a high pay irrespective of the outdated subjects they teach. Its a job with no liability at all. If students fail , its their fault. Professor is not held accountable. My father was in central government defence sector, worked so very hard , had so much liability , but got nothing compared to these jerks. I get so very upset of the goverment’s policy.

    1. Soham

      2 years of master’s and minimum three years for phd. If you quit academics because u didn’t want to study for these extra few years, then shut up about the people who did and are now reaping their fruits. People who join academics don’t do it for the money, they do so precisely for not having to answer to anybody. That is why they hang on for those five years while they see their friends in the industry enjoy so much. So if you haven’t walked that walk, don’t talk the talk.

    2. Alan

      As from the many comments it is quite evident that people do not respect the Profession, it is very unfortunate for the society who do not respect the people who are the creator of new knowledge(Professors whose job is to teach courses and do research) . It takes a lot of effort to get a PhD in which you need to do original research(I am not taking about institutions who award PhD even on copy pasted contents/thesis) typically it may take 4/5 years or even more meanwhile you need to publish good research in good journals or conferences. Even after joining as an assistant Professor you need to keep working hard to do research and get it published (above institutions are excluded), all these takes a lot of effort, these duties are excluded from the usual teaching hours. But these people have not chosen this profession to make more money they chose this for their love for the subject and impart their hard earned knowledge to the new generation to make a better society. These Professors might have got millions if they stay in industry. So main thing is if we want to develop as a whole then we need to give proper consideration on education and make the profession as lucrative so that it becomes first choice of the people and it becomes more respectable, specially the government should increase the stipend of the PhD students so that good students join and stay focused on research. Though in our country salary of every one is same i.e., Professor who join a reputed institute and have PhD from MIT or Stanford or any premier institute will get the same salary as a copy pasted thesis fellow, that should be addressed some how.

  9. Dr Priya Dutta

    Its good that govt. Is thinking about the lectures and increasing the salary. I’hv a question why its mandatory to clear UGC net exam? Why UGC is so worried about their system.
    if a person has PhD/ degree from top universities and institutes then why he needs UGC net.

  10. Babulal Murmu, M.PHI Scholar, VISVA-BHARATY

    Many people who are government employees are leaping in joy in the thought of the 7th pay scale commission which is most probably going to be held in 2016. But, according to me, this will be unforgivable injustice to the working class people. The price of the necessary commodities will go higher and higher. Most of the government employees will turn into the late capitalist. The difference between the poor and the rich will become like that of master and slave. So where is the justice of our democracy. ..? We, the people of India, should revise the pay scale system. Otherwise, its effect will affect our country.

    Money and wealth are nothing , “humanity, equality, and fraternity” is everything. …..

  11. Akhila

    The proposed prc for Assistant Professors is good but the government should think about all the employees of central government and benefited state government that, is it enough pay to employees for 10years? Government should think about the rents of houses in cities, transport expenditure and fees of children in cities, is it enough for next 10years? compare to state government prc’s its not a great raise pay for central government employees. 4times raise of salary may be useful and beneficial to employees compare to state government. otherwise its better to follow the state government PRC system for every 5years.

  12. P. Patel

    There are very much good probable packages. Just need to lower the difference in Assistant professor and Associate’s pay scale. No much difference in work pattern, credit load and all duties, why there is much difference? As per 7pc reduce Associates scale and increase the professors scale. Government is wasting money on associates scale.

  13. Padmakar

    Yes Patel Sir is Right. I think if Assistant Professor didnt get the additional increase in salary..No problem but the scale of Associate should be reduced to half. Why government is wasting money on Associate professor? In fifth pay scale salary of Assistant professor was 8000 B.P. and salary of Associate was 12000 B.P. Now in sixth Asstt has B.P. of 15600 and associate has B.P. of 37400. Shame on sixth payscale. Atleast this should be improved in Seventh pay scale. All Assistant Professor should unite and fight. We dont want additional money but reduce salary of Associate.

  14. Ranjit kumar choudhary

    Teacher student ka future bnate hai,humlog aaj agar job me hai, wo teacher k kaarn.humlog bachpan s teacher k sampark me rahte hai.wo kitna mehnat karte hai, tab koi DOCTOR,PROFESSOR,I.A.S,I.P.S AUR kuch bante hai,humlog ko kehne me acha lagta hai,wo kuch nahi karte sara school aur college ko band karwa dena chahiya.

  15. Prof. B.G. Kulkarni

    There is a lot of difference between Associate Professor scale and Assitant Professor scale. This should be corrected in 7th UGC pay commission.

  16. Narsimham

    UGC committee for suggestion of payscales works under lobby of Associate Professor. Chaddha commission on sixth pay scale has first suggested equal payscale of Assistant and Associate Professor in Sixth pay commission i.e. 15600 with difference in GP. Unfortunately this was not implemented. Associate professor has given payscale of 37400 i.e. equivalent to professor. This has made Associate professors lazy and idle as if they will not become professor, it will not change their salaries that much. This has to change in 7th payscale. Comments of Prof. Kulkarni, Padmakar and P. Patel r right..!!

  17. Dr Perwez Akhtar

    There is huge difference of the pay scale of Asst.professor,Reader,and professor ,this must be reviewed while implementing 7th UGC pay.

  18. choudhury

    the differences between the pay scale of associate and assistant professor should be abolished in 7 CPC. government is wasting money on associate professors.

  19. Kuki

    hello ! we donot expect anything better from this country as foot licking and sifarish culture has provided it with corruption at all stages. if an institute is opened by some person, he will favor his caste persons more than other ones. this is seen commonly in institutes. another thing is that colleges and universities will pressurize govt. to not pay even such scales. what can we do? go abroad and teach this has two benefits:
    1. will rise name and fame of Bhartiya teachers
    2. in other countries, there is nothing called favourism.

    this salary will always be a dream. i bet.

  20. Raghavendra s

    Salary imbalance has increased, you see useless professor working in colleges and university they done only m Phil slet net these exames are so difficult like bank exames but they paid more salary, many lecturers enjoy salary but their teaching quality is very poor,

  21. ajay mishra

    1986 pay commission fixed pay scale by 31Desember 1985. At time Da rate above 220% to Lover scale and upper pay scale D A to 150% But pay fixsetion formula same These are effected pay from lover pay scale and upper pay scale

  22. Abdul Majid Shaikh.

    It is correct to raise the Pay of the teaching staff but at the same time the non-teaching staff should not be ignored. In every pay fixations it is seen that there is a huge difference between the pay of the teaching and the non-teaching staff. Non-teaching staff must be brought at least to the level of the pay scale of the S.S.C., D.Ed. teachers. Otherwise, there would be parity in the pays of these two groups as usual.
    Hope our Hon’ble Finance Minister will take kind consideration in this regard.

  23. parthesh

    Why are so many people criticising when assistant professor’s are getting so good salaries.. Did they dream this would happen? No. Even these people may have so many dreams. This will open so many opportunities for them. They are good or bad at what they do is another thing. But they are there now. Can’t we be happy for them and their families. Some one said my dad was in defence.. And din get anything .. Blah blah.. Well.. We wish they get.. We hope you get a great life.. We will be happy for you… But, because u din have a great life does not mean others don’t deserve it… Why are we so negative.. What’s wrong with all of us.. These people will spend more.. May be shop in stores owned by us.. It’s when most of us do well.. Rest of us will….

  24. Ghanshyam Dass Gupta

    Promotion and grades should be entirely based upon quality and performance of the teacher and not merely on the basis if seniority, in our country, merit is usually ignored, seniority or political consideration carry the weight, how many of us the college teachers continue to pursue the research work after doing Ph.D. Hire and fire is must in each and every deptartment, lazy and shirker are not required as employee, they are harmful for the health of the nation…. we should learn from the developed nations.

  25. Kaustav Saha

    You are stupid and illiterate.Consider for a fact what thewy have done to get where they are,nd what you have done to get where you are.People who work in the corporate sector get in very easily,as there are numerous seats in competitive exams at the graduate leval,but for post-graduation,things are very different.I am a WBJEE qualifier,as well as a GATE qualifier,so I should know.And not all teachers or government employees should get a bad name because of the actions of a few.Most take their work very seriously.I might also add that a lot of teachers get disillusioned due to losers like you.It is because of the outdated stuff that they tought that you are wherever you are now.Stupid ignorant shit.

  26. Ananda Roy

    Whenever even a slightest murmur concerning pay hikes of teachers (I include all from Primary Teacher’s right up to Phd Guides) start circulating, it seems that the entire country loses their mind. What is reflected in the comments that disapprove this pay hike for assistant teachers, is that India is still a country where Teachers are not respected as much they should. It seems that we are a kind of hate-sponge that must silently absorb the insults and unfair, illogical criticisms hurled at us. Whenever we talk back, there are scathing attacks from parents, governments, student unions and what not? I ask you, in which job do you have to connect with a large group that comprises of every imaginable psychology type? In which job do you have to take the responsibility of educating people from every conceivable socio-economic background, so that both individually and collectively, they are not only well informed but prepared to face the sordid battles that wait for them outside classrooms? In which job do you need to keep yourself updated, prepared at each moment in such a manner that the concepts that you ave assimilated can not only be driven into the very being to another individual and not just passed? Where do you need to stand for hours at the blackboard and keep talking for hours? Where do you have the pressure of admonishing and criticizing another person without antagonizing him/her in the least?

    Get your facts straight. There is a reason why the Papers of Competitive Examinations that you are shouting about are set by “Teachers”, examined by “Teachers”. The examinations we have to pass belong to a different level. The screening belongs to another class and its only the very beginning of the long, hard and extremely challenging journey.

    Don’t blame the entire group just because you have encountered one or two flawed samples. We can all go on and on and on about the services that we receive at Banks and Railways and Post Offices. In an age where economy is power , its unethical but a very clever strategy to keep the best of men poor.

    Teacher: Sensei in Japanese: Meaning one who will always be 100 steps ahead of you. No matter where you are.

  27. Anonymous

    Why these white collar people are payed this much…..its rubbish….government can instead pay less give work to unemployed…..

  28. Dr. JV

    Kindly dont talk lightly about the pay scales of teachers.
    Pay commissions come once in ten years for teachers.
    Many other sectors like banks and insurance pay revisions come every 3-5years.
    For the teachers, by the time the pay commission revises the scale once in ten years, the inflation would be double always.
    For the information of all the elite here, the arrears of 2006 pay commission is not even paid in universities in karnataka till date.
    on top of it, the 7 pay commission if approved by ugc, karnataka government may approve it very late. by the time the teachers receive it, it will be almost 2019. and again a long wait to get the arrears.

    So there is no reason to raise eyebrows over the pay scales.

    1. Mish

      I totally agree with Dr. JV. I have my MBA from a top ranked college in Pine and am doing my PhD from a college (university) in the top 10 in India. I’ve been in the industry and seen how that works too.
      Many colleges pay a paltry sum of 6 to 8 k to lecturers with masters degrees. PhD holders also have to make do with 25k sometimes. Where is the pay thing then?
      There are many for whom the pay doesn’t matter,but then we have our families to provide for. I have my self esteem and need to be in a good institution that pays well and provides a good work environment. I make sure my course is progressive and suits the needs of the market & students,so why not be paid suitably-in good time?


    Though many of the comments messaged that teachers are highly paid, some said they are deserving, some said they do not. I am a senior college Principal, I am on duty for 24 hrs as no specific working hours are prescribed. Some may take this as per their convenience. Due to govt policies from last 4 years I have only one clerk in my college, due to this I have to work very hard as we need at least 3 clerks. I use to be in my office for 8-9 hrs and many times more. Apart from office work I have to engage 5 lectures per week. Then also I personally feel that rather than increasing our salaries, same fund should be diverted for our soldiers who are working day night for us without proper safety measures. Because we at least have satisfactory salary with safety of life.

  30. MDR

    No problem. Before the corruption and the figures in the dailies, the salary of the teachers are nothing. The only place where the persons like teachers/professors are not able to get any money from public other than the salary of the government. This is also returned by way of income tax (maximum 30% per year). Those who are teaching are equivalent to god, let them live and make the nation as a knowledge society.

  31. Abhimanyu Gupta

    I would like to put my view at here, We are pointing only earning at here from others resources of private sectors, But P.hd means is not got a degree of Doctoral and taking charges like an Asst professor or Lecturer. Its to do research which would be sustained. We are following foreigners… Why.???
    Are we not able to make them following us???
    Earning is a different thing and achievement is a different.
    Now Take the decision as per choice, what you want ……
    As per records. We are IMPORTER not EXPORTER.
    So try to change the thoughts.
    Every kind of job is better which anyone wants to do.

  32. aji


  33. umesh

    respected professors, I am asking question which is out of discussion but hoping for solution. I have cleared SET Maharashtra and done MPHIL, MA in English 52% in 2007, BED. I belong to SC Category. now my query is whether I m eligible to apply for linguistic minority degree college or not.

  34. Muzfarhussaindar

    To get a PhD degree as per ugc regulations 2009 is not a kids job know and any fellow who obtains the same should b paid more than what he deserves

  35. Muzfarhussaindar

    I have seen many scholars in PhD who were awarded PhD degrees after 8 or 10 years it is not a joke

  36. Shyam

    If govt. employees use to compare their benefits always with private sector, then who is stopping them to join the private sector. If they think more pay and benefits in pvt. sector, certainly and immediately they must come to join the pvt sector. They and nobody should expect from the govt of a country, where common men are waiting for meal, cloths and home. Unemployment is on the top. Particularly, govt is not having any production unit, rather all money is from common men tax payers. Even a begger is also playing some tax in one or other form. The people in Govt. should and must also feel responsible, rather than just thinking 16 crore govt employees, country is from 121 crore and not from only 16 crore. The gap is every increasing and will be destroying element in future if it goes on this much speed.


    Before one thinks to become professor, he keeps in mind, that he would get rid of bad things out of the society, by nurturing young minds, in a way that is holistically best for the society. We are not soldiers, but, prepare/teach them to lay down their life to defend their borders. We are not bureaucrats, but, train them to become good administraors. We are not lawyers/judges, but, train them to deliver judgements to benefit the innocents/poors/honest people/ to jail the criminals. We are your next door people, neighbour. We teach your sons/daughters/brothers/sisters not to become employee, but, to become employers. Rest, all depends upon sheer hard work, intelligence, discipline, punctuality etc., but, not to forget, destiny.
    So, let the teachers enjoy more salary free of bribe. No parents would let their ward in any other company except teachers.

  38. Narender

    Sorry sir a soldier give all their and even their life for our country but never ask for a single pany .
    Ha ha you prof. But having cheap and narrow mentality on some money.
    Plz educate your country.

  39. Sachin

    It’s just such a waste to fight who is better. Let the market decide who should be paid what.
    Being teacher require lot more than any money matters, I have seen people leaving their high paying jobs to become passionate teachers.
    If you want money do business..
    If you don’t have capital but still want to earn highest possible money do jobs in corporate…
    If you want job security and money is not that important go to Govt.
    Choice should be clear..

  40. Ravi

    Can anyone pls tell what is the guarantee of getting job in Maharashtra if someone clears UGC NET English exam. Also pls tell how much will be the starting salary.

  41. Pradeep , NET qualified

    We want to see our universities in world’s top university ,may be under 100 ranking. For this , we no only need good infrastructure but also good faculty. Now think yourself that professor have to provide quality teaching as well as quality research and innovations .These works are very mental task where quality is all. Salary hike is important because the best brain of India will dare to remain with this profession . We need young professor who are energetic and innovative , that’s why the attractive salary is just needed for that .The result everyone will see when India will be one of the advanced nation in the back of these young professor’s revolutionary work.
    Thank you..

  42. Sumanta

    Teachers in Primary school get less than 10k who is buiding the foundation. They have been neglected for years. The higher education should get similar salary in line with other teachers. If you comare the salary of primary school teachers & high school teachers they are not evern getting 50% of waht these so called respected groups are talking about. Yes there was time when many scholars were crying to get a job in university but those days are over.

  43. Rajiv

    Mentioning any comment even for a devil should be in proper language.. what salary somebody expects and get, it is a different issue. People who were wrote different stupid comments regarding teaching and professors, actually they are sick either mentally or socially. People who are writing about choosing a private or government field, they should be obsolete from every government facilities. Maintaining a government decorum must need well qualified and satisfied government worker. For that salary should be adequate accordingly. There is a very huge competition to get government job but nobody is satisfied. Everyone expects maximum output without much input so friends don’t comment about personal view. Your statement should be regarding the issue and implement of policy.

  44. Man. G

    what type of play is this? when we see all the salaries of the government it is like playing on the play ground.


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