Projected Pay Scale of Assistant Professor in 7th Pay Commission

Assistant Professor wants to know their expected pay scale and grade pay in Seventh Pay Commission very much eagerly. Government of India has already announced the pay commission for central government employees. Recently, NMC has urged the Prime Minister to appoint the chairman as well as members of  7th CPC committee members. Yet, Government of India didn’t announced the committee members and Chairman of the commission.

Assistant Professor 7th Pay Scale

Assistant Professor 7th Pay Scale


Projected Pay Scale of Assistant Professor in 7th Pay Commission

  • Current Pay Scale of Assistant Professor is Rs. 15600 – Rs. 39100 Plus Grade Pay Rs. 6600 = Entry Pay Rs. 25530
  • New Pay Scale as per 7th Pay for Assistant Professor is Rs. Rs. 46800 – Rs. 117300 Plus Grade pay Rs. 19800 = Entry Pay Rs. 76590

So, it it expected that there will be so much benefit for the Assistant Professor when Government of India implements the pay scale. We have also reported time frame here for the expected implementation dates.

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If there will be any delay in the implementing the pay commission then Government of India will also provide arrears as happened in the Sixth Pay Commission. So, there is no worry for all the Government employees.

We hope that information and details on Projected Pay Scale of Assistant Professor in 7th Pay Commission will be useful to all people around the country. You can also read Primary Teachers pay scale here.

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Article last re-published on March 5, 2015.

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10 thoughts on “Projected Pay Scale of Assistant Professor in 7th Pay Commission

  1. Prof. Dr. Umasankar Saha

    Projected pay scale is fantastic but it has to be kept high compared to the industrial as well as finance sector in India.

    1. Dr. Sanju Das

      We should not expect too much from the Government; instead we need to render our services in the right earnest.

    2. Sam

      Prof. Dr. Umasankar Saha,
      Probably you guys should also be subject to job insecurity and high quality expectations as in industrial and finance sector. Teaching same out of date subject matter every year! Do you even deserve one tenth of what you being paid?

  2. Pravin

    last time there was not much differences between professor and Associate Professor but in Associate and Assistant too much hike is there and most of the Assistant leave the job because of traditional improvement in scales and promotions

  3. Dr. AjaiKumar

    The UGC scale should be implemented as such in all States for the post of college teachers. I’m stating so because, in Kerala if we work in any college in Panchayath area an Assistant Professor will get only Rs. 250 as HRA, and in Muncipality Rs. 840 as HRA and Rs. 350 as CCA, whereas in other states they are getting as per UGC scale. Moreover the arrears of 6th pay commission is not yet been disbursed. There should be provisions to meet the Educational expenses of children as in the case of Central Govt. employees.

  4. Dr. Jalin Prakash Chetia

    The pay scales of 1st World Countries are always first class and the 3rd world countries are 3rd class. So, from the starting point of life they always need to take loans from the providing sources to Marry, to buy a Land, to buy a Car, to build a house, after marriage a student loan for relief or need to take loan in purpose of given marriage for their daughters. Thus they fight for every EMI till retirement. Is this problem not happening in India? Then what are the solutions from every hoping Government of this World? Will this be continuing for the poor? Not for the Elite.

  5. Subhan Khan

    The 7th payscale is very attractive as it has been shown in different sources. It will attract young aspirants towards the field of higher education and improve its standard those who were so far leaning towards civil services now turn to become professors as ugc is going to offer much high scale in the upcoming commission.


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