Projected Pay Scale Grade Pay for Primary Teacher in 7th Pay Commission

7th Pay Commission announcement has created so much good news for all Central Government employees in India. It was one of the most important moves by the UPA led Government ahead of Lok sabha Elections 2014 but they failed to win the elections.

7th Pay Commission Primary Teacher Expected Pay Scale

7th Pay Commission Primary Teacher Expected Pay Scale

In this article, we have provided the expected pay scale of primary teacher working under the Central Government of India. So, let’s see!

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How much Pay Scale a Primary Teacher will get?

There is no official announcement by the Government that how much salary will be hiked of the employees. Still, we have made some simple calculation based on the previous pay commission.

  • Current Pay Scale of Primary Teacher: Rs. 9300 – Rs. 34800 Plus Grade Pay Rs. 4800
  • New Pay Scale of Primary Teacher as per 7th Pay Commission: Rs. 29,900 – Rs. 1,04,400 Plus Grade Pay Rs. 14400

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We will update this website as and when the pay commission finally announce the pay scale/band and other benefits for primary teachers in central government schools.

Note: Please note that, it is not the final or official pay scale. We have only predicted the expected pay scale and pay band in the upcoming seventh pay commission.

Article last re-published on September 19, 2015.

112 thoughts on “Projected Pay Scale Grade Pay for Primary Teacher in 7th Pay Commission

  1. Ramesh ch sahu

    state govt’s employees r not benefited by pay commission report as there is a great difference in pay .For example odisha primary teachers are getting @5200 payscale while central primary teachers r in 9300 payscale.

    1. Debasis

      Need a Unique pay scale Of Primary Teacher (I-VIII) in allover India . Because there are huge difference in Central Govt & rest of the state ..

    2. Manoj

      There is a much difference between the capability of the central teachers vs State teachers.I am not generalizing but 80% of the teachers fail in the Teachers Eligibility test in state level and it shows they are incapable. Most of the teachers who are deployed in home town are indulge in rural dirty politics and don’t focus on teaching .Every third month they go on rally and demand for pay hike.Lets this promotions and grade pay be considered by Skills and capability not just by holding same grade!

  2. Yacob Johnson

    Dear Sir,

    The librarians appointed in central govt are been ignored in respect of pay scales.

    All librarians are appointed in the pay of 5500-9000 with the educational qualification of MA MLISc and so on. Where as the govt has given due consideration to the librarians of various Ministries but, they over looked the employees of training/Academic institutions in Defence ministry.

    Presently the librarians of educational institutions are paid with Rs. 4600 who are basically BA, BSc with BLISc/ Diploma.

    But, in respect of employees in the defence ministry the RRs in respect of its librarians is MA, MSc with BLISc, MLISc & M Phil are being granted Rs. 4200 grade pay. The same grade pay has been granted to teachers who are teaching in the academic institutions

    The Govt granted the UGC/AICTE pay scales to LIbrarians/Physical education teachers in all academic institutions/ministries.

    You are requested remove the disparity in respect of librarians/ BPEd/MPEd and the remove the huge anomaly to wards the librarians who are serving in central government at least in the 7th pay commission report.

  3. bheemraj gaur

    according to 7th pay commission what will my new basic .my present basic is 8760+2000 and pay scale is52000-20200

  4. Lalit A. Roy

    What will be the pay of promotee Asstt. Audit Officer working in IA & AD department who are drawing gp 4800 in 9300-20200 band.

  5. bhojane ramdas

    saman kam saman vetan mag central governmentchya primary teacher v state gov primary teacherchya vetnat farak ka ex 9300-4800 v 5200-2800 yevdha farak ka ? aamhi state gov nokari karto hi aamchi chuk aahe ka?aamchy sanghtana fakta banket bhandayalach hushar aahet ka? sarkarne tari state v central gov asa farak karu naye .saman kam saman vetan he ghatnetil tatv swikarave.

  6. shyamal

    According to constitution of India education is in common proforma of central govt and state govt…but teachers are teaching according to central curriculum (NCF). SO why are they sufferer in case of salary…it should be all around responsibilty of central govt…otherwise different states are treating teachers in their own way…why this would happen? Education should be under control of central govt. Because it creates manpower for the nation.

  7. Sujatanayaksahani

    Junior Clerks/copyists/Jr.Typists are not benefited after 6th Pay Commission rather the REVENUE INSPECTOR are benefited as their Pay & G.P. 9300-34800 and 4200/- while the Junior Clerks/copyists/Jr.Typists are drawing Pay and G.P.5200-20200 and 1900/- and the govt. should up grade the Pay and GP of Junior Clerks/copyists/Jr.Typists and their qualifications in the next 7th pay commission

  8. Jhadabandha

    Mr. Ramesh, you must understand that central govt teachers are working far away from their home such as in Assam, Tripura and Nagaland. Odisha teachers are working in their home districts. Hence, pay disparity between central and state govt is justified.

  9. Sunil

    Sir it is very sorry facts . The police personal especially in the ranks of SIs doing their duty round the clock. But their grade pay is less then the staff nurse in the last 6th pay cpc who are doing their duty 8 hours only . I hope the 7th cpc must consider this pay grade parity & fix them for upper gp.

  10. Birbal singh

    What will be the initial pay scale at 7th pay commission now those having pay scale of 5200-20500.
    And is there any additional elements for group C servant’s?

  11. Pronoy Das

    Assam Govt ,Primary teacher also not benefited pay commission report. We got @5200 & 2500 why central Govt and state govt difference .we what to do?. ……
    Plz comment … .


    Pay commission didn’t suggest same pay on same work. The salary and other facilities are different central and state teacher

  13. Mahananda Sikdar

    The secondary board that does not teach Hindi (national language) in any class, must add clause, “National illiterate” in the madhyamik certificate. (For example, The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education WBBSE has not launched Hindi in any class so far after independence). The words “national illiterate” must be written in upper left side of the certificate so that it can be understood that the student did not study Hindi in his school level. Afterwards, the student can learn Hindi by any means but his standard will be very low. Such student can learn speaking and that is also in broken manner. There are many students who can only speak Hindi but cannot read and write, therefore, they remain a national illiterate throughout his life. They create problem in performing duties in central government jobs. A student should not be eligible for a central govt post if the student did not study Hindi in his school level I,e from class 1 to class X. Such a student will play the role of a stupid fellow while serving in any department of central govt. There are many non-hindi speaking states, the people of those states do not know that Hindi is communication language in India.Teachers of such states are enjoying very good salary and spoiling student’s future by advising students that Hindi is the language of Biharis. Such teachers cannot read, write and speak in Hindi. The basic pay scale of such teachers should be minimised atleast 1000 rupees. Please think over this matter seriously.
    The Calcutta university and other universities of West Bengal are conducting education against national interest. They have not included Hindi as a compulsory subject for students of West Bengal. Similar things for Secondary level and 10+2 level. The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education(WBBSE) and West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) are following the same thing. There is no compulsory hindi subject from class I to class XII education system. They have kept hindi as optional subject. Suppose a student of other state is studying in West Bengal then he can opt hindi instead of Bengali but for students of Bengali medium schools hindi is not a compulsory subject. Teachers teach students that, “If you sing song in hindi or if you see hindi cinema then you are very bad student”. or if a student sing song in hindi or see hindi cinema then he becomes very bad….the teacher teach like this. Teachers, Lecturers, Professors in West Bengal can not speak in hindi or can not write hindi. They can teach atleast basic things e,g k, kh, au, ah, meaning of essential words, small small sentence but they are insisted on their opinion. The Bengali authority think that if students of west bengal start learning hindi then nobody will give emphasise on bengali literature. They do not know the need of hindi outside bengal. They (the authority) say that hindi is the language of “bihari people” and they despise hindi and Universities and Boards are teaching this thing to students and people of west bengal. They say it as there are many bihari workers in front of Calcutta University so bengali professors think that hindi is the language of labourers and workers. If they cherish this things in mind then you should declare all universities of west bengal as “Deemed University” stating that “these universities are conducting education against national interest” and make rule that “teachers and lecturers and professors in west bengal will get 1000 rupees less payment per month as they did not study hindi during their student life. If you keep silent then they will never introduce hindi in school level as well as college level for all students. Several times, I told them to introduce hindi as a compulsory subject and make the syllabus easier so that students can accept it as interesting subject but they are not understanding the national interest.They are part of India but their education system is similar to Bangladesh. There is no difference of education system between west bengal and bangladesh. You must make basic pay of teachers of bengali medium schools under WBBSE and WBCHSE 1000 less than existing scale. Immediately you should declare all universities of west bengal as “deemed university” as they are conducting education against national interest.

  14. Tirupati Kalisetty

    For what reason there is a difference between the pay of Odisha state and central primary teachers.Are the Odisha state govt.primary teachers teaching less than central or other state primary teacher? Is there any difference between odisha primary teachers and other state pry teachers or central teachers in their professional qualification? If the professional qualification is equal then why the govt. Of Odisha is not paying the same pay as centra or nearby state A.P. According to R.T.E all the children of the age group 6-14 must get equal education,that means all over India the teachers must labour the same,then why can’t the teachers get equal pay for equal labour? Why the pay of central and Odisha and state to state is different like hell and heaven? Does it say in R.T.E act?

    1. Manoj

      you are right Mr. Pankaj.In my village in Odisha there are primary schools both Govt and block granted in every 1 Km and Mr. Naveen Pattnaik is so kind to appoint Contract teachers with better educational background than the so called fully granted teachers who don,t know anything and manage and monitor the Contract teachers.Most of them involved in village politics and money lending business.The value of education has degraded a lot since last few years and everyone is eyeing on public school although its hard to afford.All the public school students get scholarship and do well and those who studied in Govt primary schools have a poor foundation and face difficulty in further career. Let the scale of pay be considered based on the skills and Govt of Odisha and other state Govts should appoint private body to conduct tests on capability and based on that teachers should get promotions and pay hike.

      1. anju kumari

        Mr. Manoj ,if teacher of your village are not doing their duties property than u also responsible for that because pt are working under panchayat they can take action on them .

    2. bikhyat mishra

      singh babu perhaps u dont know the condition of the teachers in odisha.refer to Nd tv news:the teachers who cant spell apple orange etc in bihar get more.IN ODISHA TEACHERS ARE CATEGORISED AND FROM S.S TO REGULAR THE SALARY VARIES FRM 5.2 to 40 thousand and despite qualifying TET they get less than a labourer nd their 6yrs not added in the service period.HENCE IT z an xploitaion of labour.HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS GET THEIR OFFICIAL WORK DONE BY CLERKS AND OTHER WORKS BY PEONS BUT WE WATCH THE STDNTS ND TEACH for 7 periods. Evn 4 TEACHERs manage 8 classes nd we hv to take all risks no equal pay bt equal work only exists in odisha

  15. Arun Kumar

    We’ll not be benifitted that much because we have pay scale of 9300-34800 with pay band 4200. Why such discripancy is there in my state Bihar ? Who will satisfy my quetion ?

  16. Papun Sahu

    Sikshya Sahayak works as an election controller with full of pressure during election,voter id form fill up etc. with other govt. Programmes also.Govt. of odisha didn’t hike salary of sikshya sahayak while contractual high school teachers getting grade pay & increments.Why are the state govt. cheating?

  17. Manoj Borse

    All state employees salary should be centrally distributed…no such a grants in lieu of pacakages should be issued to states..autonomous powers should be withdraw from states …

  18. Mahendrasinh

    Gujarat police pay scale of 5300-24800 with band 1800

    How to Projected Pay Scale Grade Pay for Gujarat POLICE in 7th Pay Commission.????

    1. pitharam Bhargawa techer

      My basic pay20640 hai whats my basic pay in7th pay commission project pay scale.
      Pls.reply me.

  19. Shaikh parveza

    Sir we maharashtrian highschool teachers got six pay commissionbut there is we have injustice how commission will fix our pay

  20. Saroj Kumar Dash

    Primery teacher in odisha arr suffering great difference from central pry. teachers. So a scale must be inserted for pry teacher having B.Ed qualification teaching in UP schools in odisha.

  21. Sajad Ahmad

    sir, time scale promotion is to be considered for all who remain in same scale for 8 yrs and not availed any time scale in entire service.

  22. Mohan Lal

    I am a Govt. Teacher in Rajasthan n my pay scale n grade pay is 9300—34800 3600
    what will be my pay in 7th pay commission in Rajasthan . Anybody can reply me


    After seeing the proposed pay scales I am very happy and I feel all the central govt.employees will be happy. In view of this I would like to comment that Medical benift to the central govt. retired employees are not happy who are not benifited by CGHS. So govt. consider medical benifits to those who are not having CGHS facility in the towns or consider suitable medical allowance to retired officials considering all aspects.



    In BIHAR primary school teachers get 9300-34800 and grade pay 4200. At least BIHAR is better than other states

  25. Heramba Choudhury.

    I am a govt. Teacher in Assam n my pay scale n grada pay is 5200–20200, 2500, what’s will be my pay in 7th pay commission in Assam. Any body can reply and advice me.

  26. Tarun Ray

    I do not know why our society and govt do not want good salary teacher specially primary school teacher.Primary school teacher is very poorly paid that why good quality student is not coming for this job and our education is not good enough what is required to grow quality society and good quality student .Our children are brinliant enough if they are getting sufficiant space to learn with good quality teacher.For good quality work required highly moral person. For high moral of employee is fair atmoshspare and good salary also.In developed country basic teacher is maximum salary.Central govt teacher nowadays is getting fair salary.W.B. primary school teacher should same payment what central and other state teacher gets.If they are getting payment as recomemded as 7th pay commission what should be effected from 01.01.2016.Without good quality educantion one country can not go forward and for good quality educantion required required infratrecture and good moral teachers.Our society and Govt should look forward.

  27. Ramchandra Padhi

    can I expect equal pay band for all primary teachers
    Working under government of Odisha. The present pay band of ZP teachers is abysmally low. Can I hope justice.

  28. sk iftekhar adil

    i am a urdu teacher moulvi in upper primary school in odisha my present pay scale is 5200 20200Grade pay is 2000 how much i will get 7th pay

  29. p merli

    Compare a foundation built with mud & bamboo pipes and wall & roof with cement , iron , chips WITH a building built with cement, iron & chips from foundation to wall & roof. Now think of Pry School Tr with 5200-20200 Scale and GP 2200 in Odisha & 9400-34800 GP 4200 of Central Govt Pry School Tr. Can’t compell state govt to pay central scale ????? If not why should public expect much from such teachers ?????

  30. Paresh patel

    In Gujarat primary teacher starting pay scale is 5200-20200 gred pay 2400.this pay scale get after 5 year fixesion job selery in 7800 and previously 2500 very poorely other neighbour state & central empoyi.why different in one country.???????

  31. Gunabooshani.v

    I am a secondary grade teacher from Tamilnadu state. In my state they give the pay band 5200-20200+2800. This reason for high variation from central govt teachers.

  32. ikram hossen

    We the tripura govt employed . we are not the benifits of 6th CPC & who we got 7th pay commission benifits .. there is no espect

  33. Santanu Mishra

    In our state WEST BENGAL, in all the department, there is a hell & heaven difference between central govt. & state govt. Pay structure. In primary the pay scale is 5400-25200 & grade pay2300,,,, we have not received D.A. as equal as central. This will continue if there is not a strong protest or any other such type of means taken soon….The coward Bangalees are………

    1. tapan

      west bengal primary teacher are not pay scale up to mark according to their present appionment qualification.till we draw madhyamik payscale as govt added servent and we enjoy facility of govt after one year & more.just primary teacher is unwanted govt servant.our pay scale same as ldc clarck.but they have departmental india only primary teacher has diffarent pay scale.central govt=9300=34800,gd=4800 west bengal =5400=25200 gd=2300


  34. Nirmal

    I am primary school teacher,is there any news to get benefit wb govt teacher after 7th pay commission .

  35. gautam saha

    First……state level primary teacher salary specially in the state of Tripura,Nagaland,Arunachal pradesh,sikkim ?
    Second……West bengal primary teacher salary will get benefit from 7th pay commissiom ?

  36. munindra

    Hi sir
    This September 2015 am going to join in central government job, pleae tell me that am I eligible for 7th PRC in 2016

  37. subrata

    I’m a wb primary teacher . How long will we wait for the 7th pay commission? Is it dream to us? If there is any good news plz inform. …

  38. Debendra

    What happened to odisha govt.Primary teachers are being neglated since Mr.Naveen patnik came into power.i think our govt do not belive in quality education only belives on quantity.Here a b.ed student in upper primary gets only Rs5200per month.How a teacher can give his best for students.

  39. Vinod Kumar Nirala

    Iam niyojit madhyamik shikshak in bihar .my pay scale 5200 and grade pay 2400 tab 7th pay commission ke bad kitna banega

  40. Nilakantha Rout

    I am a Pry teacher in odisha in ST &SC Development Department. My salary is only 5200/- per month doing duty 24 hours. Entry to SSD Department is sin for me. what will be expected for next pay fixation ?

  41. Renaissance Das

    I m a graduate trained teacher.I appointment on 24/8/2002 that my scale was time of sixth pay commission my Pay Scale as per PB-2 (Rs. 9300-34800) was fixed at Rs. 17290 (Pay in the pay Band Rs. 12690+Grade Pay Rs. 4600).
    One of my junior who was appointment on15/02/2007 her pay scale was fixed Rs 17660/- which is more than me.there is any order which can rectify my scale? Please reply..

  42. vikiho

    A future life of a child is nurture by parent at home and primary teacher at school. When looking back to the advance country like Japan USA France… Primary teacher are hail as VIP. They enjoy what Ministers enjoyed. They are the moulder and life giver of the next generation…. But coming back to India… Primary teacher are the low status of the redtoped sosiety. That’s why India lack behind when comparing to other advance country…

  43. Rumbang Boro

    hi i m assam state Tet qualified with DELED passed primary teacher serving since 2012 but i not satisfied with my present salary scale 5200-20200 gp -2700 .There is a vast differece between central govt primary teacher and assam state primary
    . why this injustice happening ? Even the non educated n non qualified MLA n MPs are getting highest salary being elected through ragging marpit. The so called lectuterer babus or hon’ble professors are also getting best salary although their nature of job is very comportable with adequate infrastructure in comparison of primary teachers.Why this kind of injustice for school teaching fraternity ??? wll 7th pay commission bring benefit or justice done for hard working nation builder primary teacher ……?

  44. Hedayat Ullah

    Huge difference between central n state government. … why? ?? Assam 5200-20200 GP 2500… Do something 4 state employees. ..

  45. Shuhel

    In assam Primar tcr (permanent) r getting scale 5830 and grade pay 2500 but graduates plus deled holder are getting GP 2700.
    In case of Contractual teacher Under Sarva Siksha Aviyan r getting scale 5200 and GP 2500 nd Graduates plus deled holder r getting GP2700.
    So we (contractual tcr ) r demanding scale 5830. State govt. is unable to give us the scale till now, though only 10% is needed to pay by d state govt, other 90% money need to pay by the central govt.
    So how much we can expect from d 7th pay commission…

  46. manas kumar

    is there any pay scale difference between tgt in highschools(9th-10th) and tgt in primery(6th-8th)?
    did it mean same qualification with different scale is right?

  47. S.K.Naik

    Where the minimum qualification of a teacher is Diploma in Elementary Education. and BEd. then how the State Government pay @5200 per month. It unfair to them.

  48. omit my name

    my friend is a primary teacher in odisha while he enrolled for admission through rally in locality he was so insulted by local people . look ! he is a mere teacher who get only a small remuneration rs 5200/ . he cried there .Teacher is a backbone of society or mirror of society .please please give respect them . I salute them .I , you , we, everybody here in a good position behind there is a teacher.

  49. Ranjan kumar buda

    Dear ,sir
    We r suffering from more&more times. .?
    We r not found central payments. So our
    Demands central pay. Seventh pay commission design from central government is .our respect .what s will get. …
    (Odisha teachers )

  50. parthajyoti nagaon

    i am a primary teacher of assam on cobtractual basis under ssa…i have cleard d el ed course but yet i m not regularised…will i be benefited by 7th pay comssion ?

  51. kiihoeylo

    The government of india has not yet paid the sallery of Hindi teacher in Nagaland and how comes 7nt pay again first cleared their sallery and talk about it.I am a shame of Indian gov

  52. Abinash kumar mohanta

    Sir, I am a primary teacher in odisha.our state govt. Pay is 5200-20200 and also after 6 years we will regular.wii some changes in our pay scale in 7th pay.plz reply….

  53. sk iftekhar adil

    sir i am a urdu teacher(moulvi) my date of appoint ment is 1.6.1992 complete the 23 years service govt m.e school in odisha how much i get gradepay racp

  54. satish

    In odisha sikhya sahayak are recruited after qualifying state TET.But salary is only 5200.NO GRADE PAY..NOTHING. how can a sikhya sahayak will lead a family. Where a daily labour gets 9000 salary..

  55. Mahesh ahir

    In Gujarat primary teachers get 5200_20200 grade pay-2400 (9910) for lower and upper primary teacher…….after fixation of 5 year……..Did any state government fix for 5 year ?

  56. goretti

    What about the Pre-Primary teachers? They are the roots of a child’s education. Why is their salary not at par with the primary teachers even though our qualifications are more than them?

  57. Nityagopal

    “Shikshya sahayak” designation osisha me utha dena regular post ing kia jna chahie.basic.according to central govt. Jasa hona chahie. Thanks

  58. Kushna

    In odisha ss remuneration is 5200 teacher are coming after qualifying otet with highly % in ct bed academic qualification. they handel all duties like census voter duty adhar duty do the peon and clerk work takes 7 period in a day do not get any grade pay increment but in high school contract teacher gets 9300 gp 4200 total 13500 with annual 10% increment with pension it is ajmost 3times of a siksya sahayak some official work they performed by clerk and others work are done by peon and pet takes 3 to 4 class per day no voter duty no adhar duty same qualification bearing some ss graduation and bed also gets 5200 ss are stepson for govt as compared to contract teacher what are our ss union doing i couldnot understand


    Hi !!!

    Jhandubams !!!

    Pay scale of PRT in CBSE, Delhi,Haryana,Punjab, Himachal is only …BP_ @ 93000/ + GP_@ 4200/- …In rest of India teachers are treated like MTS …Multi Tasking Staff…..So_____Simply collect the Pay only .and sleep in Chairs………

  60. hemant kumar parashar

    But not accept will same way other state government. So will be became deffer the payscale.It,s will became economy unequalled.

  61. Debasish khatei

    For this type of attitude of our state govt the brilliant students are apply for central job not the state govt job,our govt is very disgust because it has no ability to improve our state ,the important thing is know to our govt that to make brilliant our students so they provide much money to our teacher so they teach better,the man who decided to give 5200/- that he think a man how control his family in in thats.

  62. Abhinav kumar

    i m a primary BETET qualified but untrained teacher
    Bihar us 5200-20200 pay scale but not grade pay….
    so we get (5200 basic)+(119% DA)+(5%HRA)+(200 medical) ==11848.

    what will be the change in payment after 7th pay commission implementation?

  63. shahid

    Issue : Low level of education in Madarsa (Reasons & Solutions)
    I want to talk you on the issue of education in madarsa board schools. You are well known about the level of education in madarsa. It was an issue of debate in politics a few months ago that can’t take any solution for the improvement of education in these schools. So we should take some steps for better future of students (that is the future of India). I got education nursery to class 8 from madarsa board school. In this passage I should try to present my view on drawbacks in these schools that are responsible for low level of education.
    The main reason in my notion is the eligibility criteria of teaching that is:
    Munsi /Molvi (equivalent to high school), Aalim (equivalent to intermediate), Kamil (equivalent to graduation), and Kamil (equivalent to post graduation).
    My objection is that what do you think a munsi\ molvi\ aalim\kamil candidate is better than a graduate for teaching in madarsa? The subjects in madarsa are as follows: Urdu, Arabic Hindi, English, Math, Science, Social science, Arts. Do you think that a munsi/ molvi can teach these subjects better than a graduate? Now a day graduates are available in all these fields. An Aalim can’t teach these subjects better than a graduate in related field except Urdu & Arabic. There is a need of transparency in recruitment process. Most of the time is found that the members of recruitment cell not having proper education background. How a person having no education background can select an eligible candidate for the post of a teacher.
    How much discuss in short passage ……. There are a number of problems to be solved that need to be analysed.
    In that situation what can aspect from the student of madarsa board.
    As per my point of the government has to take following decisions to resolve these problems then there can be a
    1. Set up a regulatory body to analyse the weak points and reform the madarsa board
    2. Change the qualification (eligibility) for teaching and prefer graduate candidate except munsi/ aalim for the post of teacher.
    3. For testing eligibility there should be an examination to pass through by the applicant like TET that can help in the selection of eligible teacher.
    4. Remove compulsion of Munsi\ Molvi\ Aalim certificate for teaching post in madarsa.
    It is not a matter of any religion/cast. It is a matter of education. For the better future of student learning from these madaris (schools) we have to take some steps. RTE (right to education) provides every student to get proper education but RTE wouldn’t achieve its goal if there is not proper management of effective education facility.

    “Education is the chief defense of a nation.”

  64. gtaka

    JE whose edu qual is only 10+3 has gp of 4200 but lab asstt whose edu qual is bsc ( I.e. 10+2+3) has gp of 2400 which is same as driver’s gp. Is not this injustice ???


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