7th Pay Commission for Railway Employees – Expected Pay Scale

7th Pay Commission for Railway Employees – Expected Pay Scale information have been provided here. Indian Railways is the largest organizations in India and one of the largest in the world. There are more than 1 million employees working in the railway department.

After the implementations of 7th Pay Commission, railway employees will get a huge salary spike including all posts and designations. In this article, we have tried to provide expected pay scales and pay band of the particular railway employee. Please do not consider this pay scale as final because we have only calculated the expected pay scale, not final.

7th Pay Commission for Railway Employees

7th Pay Commission for Railway Employees

7th Pay Commission for Railway Employees – Expected Pay Scale

  • Assistant Station Master: Pay Scale: Rs. 15600 – Rs. 60600 Grade Pay: Rs. 8400 Entry Pay: Rs. 34080
  • Safaiwala: Pay Scale Rs. 15600-60600 Grade Pay Rs. 5400, Entry Pay Rs. 21000
  • Cook: Pay Scale Rs. 15600-60600 Grade Pay Rs. 5400, Entry Pay Rs. 21000
  • Khalasi Helper: Pay Scale Rs. 15600-60600 Grade Pay Rs. 5400, Entry Pay Rs. 21000
  • Commercial Superintendent: Rs. 29900-104400 Grade Pay Rs. 13800 Entry Pay Rs. 51420
  • Sr. Commercial Clerk: Rs. 15600-60600 Grade Pay Rs. 8400, Entry Pay Rs. 34080

Please note that, we will update this website with more expected pay scale of each and every designation. If you have any query or question, then please post it on our forum.

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Article first published on March 5, 2015.

41 thoughts on “7th Pay Commission for Railway Employees – Expected Pay Scale

  1. nerswn boro

    Sir, Technician in railways are very hard workers. We are working as maintenance, safety, designer of all railway rolling stock so please upgrade our existing post as follows- technician -I, ii, iii must strip and restruct as technician- grade pay must equal as of sr. Clerk . Sr. Technician grade pay same as existing pay rank. There is need to new post as master technician equal grade pay as of head master of high school. Helper grade pay must equal as of junior clerk. We are working in very high risk . Every year so many technicians are lost there leg , hand , eye , even life too.. in duty . So please upgrade this post

    1. rshankar

      Mr Boro o am very glad to your comment on technical staff in railways .my self also Tech Gr I technical staff doing very hard work but un fortunately drawings very low salaries comparatively with non tech staff
      I hope 7 pay comission will upgrade tech staff pay scales thanq R SHANKAR.

    2. libin

      Sir. Shunting in railways is very hard working. We are working in dangerous situation. When also doing working in death., injuries also… because scp, points man shunting master grade and pay increasing Sir

      1. Prodip mondal

        I am a trackman of engg dept. in Indian railway. It is not only danger from running train but laborious work. It is hardest from all dept. SO we want to hard work allowance for egg dept. staff.

        1. binod

          Sir according to the 7th pay commission ke hisab se railway group d engineering ka basic aur other allowance mila kar total salary kitna banta hai

  2. Sehar Lone

    Sir please calculate the expected pay scale for these figures:
    5200-20200 with grade pay of Rs 2800
    please note down I am a state government employee

  3. sanjay

    No one can upgrade the pay of technical staff of Indian govt because they are not part of policy making body. this country is still under britsh rule. and all type of worker are Indian and cleark and officer are British and administrator.

  4. Sunil Gedam

    आर्टिजन को जोखीम भत्ता और ग्रेड 1को दस साल होने पर प्रथम श्रेणि पास मिलना चाहीये आर्टीजन प्रदुशित वातावरन मे कार्य करता है ईस कारन सेअन्य कर्मचारी की तुलना मे स्वास्थ खराब अधिक होता है कर्मचारी पुरुष को भी बाल संगोपन देखभाल के लिये विशेष छुट्टी होनि चाहीये

  5. dilip

    dear sir,
    i would like ask to you that how much time rrb take bw medical and joining. i am selected as CA in mumbai division(03/2012). and they allotted me vadodra but i am waiting for medical letter.
    second think is how much salary increase after pay commission , someone says only 30-40%, someone says salary would be double.my current pay is 9300(4200 gp).

  6. avinash kumar

    sir,performance of railway depends on good techanical works and i am working as techanician in workshop but there we are not getting any facilities to do our jobs and our supervisors are not doing there jobs properly for our safety.there are many works that are health hardous i.e paint foams ,kerosene ,thinner, chemicals,gerese etc .in the next we gets vrey less salary to manage our family life i.e sickness ,savings for future so please start initials from grade pay -2800 as diploma holders gets 4200 grade pay from initials.Tnk

  7. pappu

    sir,loco running staff duty is so hard because in duty he allert 200% for see signal,track,OHE,LC gate in 130kmph speed and also manage passenger complane.No one second rest upto destination in day or night or summer or winter or foggyday again he outstay one or two day from his house.

  8. kirubalatha/teacher/s.rly

    Teachers are the back bones of the students’community.teachers serve with all sincerity and devotedness. Higher qualification is a must for each teacher in order to enlighten the young minds.Teachers with higher qualifications should be encouraged and monitarily awarded which will serve as boon to teachers.kindly consider the request and grant incentives for further progress.

  9. k s kataria

    Station Master was a respected post having higher pay scales prior to v th Cpc ie Rs 2375 -3500 as compared to Gp B scale 2000 _3500 but down graded to 7450_11500 against 7500_12000


    I am trackman of engg dept. it is very hard work dept. please think about our work and dengerous situation of our life.

  11. G.Bhoi

    Dear sir railway is very vast organisation in lndia and it has many department like that Egg. S&T, and opt. etc.India independent from last 69years. nobody’s may solve the problem of S&T dept. work load from grassroots to supervisor 24hour duty. so kindly think about the our roster duity otherwise economic facilities or twice salary in a month.

  12. Raneeth raaj

    Hi sir I am helper from mechanical branch as we are doing a risky job with less safety even I got injured at work but we get less salary so please think of us n our family and do the needful help for the risk workers in railway.

  13. yogendra

    my dear friend, aap logo ko ye jankar dukh hoga ki railway mei 95%perssonel officer/clerks,50% technical ranker officer/supervisor,20% technician/helper suar ki aulad hei to railway vigilance ganda suar hei.ye rashtra+rail ke dushman hei jo khud to kam karte nahi. aur karne walo ko jeene nahi dete,unke efficiency down karte hei.remaining%ka staff in dogs se mushkil se rail chala pa raha hei.dpo ko board rules ki bajay bhrashtachar karule pata hei.bina tax wale helper ka 10000. income tax me bhej do. 3year se bhatak raha hei.kisi ka kuch katdo ji paise se 2-4 sal mei lagega..rbe 1987 ke letter se technician ki acr annexure-1 mei honi chaiye jise annexure-5 mei bharakar uske benificial points chhupa rahe hei.service record ke 30 marks(for promotion)wo paise se bikte hei.board macp ki list 6month pahale banane ki kahata hei dpo sabse paise lene ke, 1year bad banate hei.3 OS ki jagah 1 helper unse200% better work kar raha hei.usko award kabhi nahi milega…………………………………….. technical mei her level per 4-6 chor+kamchor(chamache)hote hei.bade chor ko chhota chor pasand ata hei.that kings of lie is the best worker of present railway…..dosto we hopes that hard work+truth will be winner and dirty pigs burn lives in the fire….do not be discurase…if government wants to improvement in rail-transport then govt.to be used faith-full rules for technical staff.and very hard rule for above staff(supporting to tech. staff)..

  14. Abhijit

    I am a BSc graduate students my age is 33 but Til now I am an unemployed person .

    Government plz help this unemployment.

    Reduce salary and recruiting many man.

  15. s.r.b

    i promotion created after 18 years now present tech.3 but no any advantage of incriment only for 100 rupees. after 18 years only 100 rs benefit.why ?


    railways wost department is SSE/ PWI of indian railway . I am a keyman and posted at sealdah her officiers are only gives more and more tension on our mind and lots of work to keyman no one of trackman was have lots of free time in there time . I am in main line staff so I thanks that railway has to us a helper and a permotional grade to all keyman and mates in different comparision to fitter like fitter all work are imposed to an some one person .so risk allowance also has to given to all main line staff .

  17. Laxminarayana

    7th pay commission was not satisfaction to all trackmaintainer. This job is hard work on track maintain,and lacks of people goes to save on trains that is pain day & night has been working on track and all families so troubles on low level payment received so we are exepecting pay basic 25000 to 50000 so please accept my request. Sc railway secunderabad

  18. santosh

    Sir please give salary s for all group d employees for example engdept was work hard in summer,rainy,winters season groupd employees are most important role in Indian railway
    Indian railway is back bone of India
    But group d employees are back bone of railway they can do hard work in day night so the trains are move safe and reached time in properly
    So I tell to u increased salary for group d employees main gangs man are work hard and also all employees work hard and dare to do in dangerous work “” there was no group d employees and there was no railway ” and there was no railway and there was no India . so please increase salary nearly 30,000 up to 40,000 per monthly . so I trust to do for this group d employees

  19. sanjay kumar

    Technician c&w fit karta hai rolling stoke ko raining ke liye khule aasman ke niche din rat garmi sardi our barshat me had kapa dene vali thand me our badan jala dene vali loo ke thapedo me is ko keval do post me rakhana chahiye junior technician 2800 grade pay me our senior technician 4200 grade pay me technician aajadi ke bad se upeksha ka sikar ho raha hai technician staff heen bhavna ka sikar ho raha hai angrej technician staff ki value ko samjte the kyoki angrej khud technical hote hai unhone india me railway ko cheen se phle chla diya tha world me sab se jayad aaviskar angrejo ne hi kiye hai is liye technical staff ke sudhar ke bare me kuch karo thabhi desh unnati ki our badhega jay hind jay bharath

  20. sanjib Kumar

    Construction staff ko good facilities Dana hai. Munth mai 4 rest ka bajay 8 rest day. Inter railway Transfer ka rule easy karo. Services period ma kam sa kam 9 year staff ka choice as do.

  21. Rajesh

    From:- Rajesh MCM,S&T Deptt I.Rly
    Signalling deptt is more responsible for the operation of trains. Its gives more efficiency,punctuality and safe operations of trains.ESM’s, Helpers and theirs supervisors are very hard workers other than deptt of railways. Because this deptt is involved in all deptt of railways.If we assume,any signal failure will have took place in any station of i.rly, then s&t staff attends the failure as early as possible and how to rectify the signal failure soon.This time, is most critical for s&t staff.They aren’t to see how’s wheather is clear or not.They are giving only first priority to attend the signal failure.
    They works besides the railway lines.They works in dirty places of raillnes such as wastes,dead body’s of animal run over by running trains etc. Most chances of deadly infections can to s&t staff from it.
    But 7 th cpc has ignores the all demands of s&t deptt staff.Because no members of s&t deptt in rly boards.
    Be unite all s&t staff against the 7th ccpc.


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