Special hearing for Defence Forces in the 7th Central Pay Commission

7th Central Pay Commission will hear armed forces in the special hearing which will deal problems and issues of the defence forces. Armed Forces has also demanded separate pay commission or their representation in the 7th Central Pay Commission. Till date, Government of India haven’t accepted the demand of representation on the pay panel.

Armed Forces India

As per the latest news, 7th CPC’s terms of reference will have separate paragraph on armed forces which will be first time in the history of pay commission. Earlier, Armed forces has demanded better pay scale and allowances compare to their counterparts in the civil posts.

As per the terms of reference, 7th pay panel will check current salary structure, military benefits as well as retirement benefits. They will also consider military services hardship, frequent transfers and so on. They will try to review most of aspects of the military services to provide better pay scale structure in the forces.

It is one of the best plus point for Armed forces because Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur is also chairman of Armed Forces Tribunal who is currently headed 7th Pay Commission. So, he can better understand the problems and real issues of the armed forces to provide good pay structure.

If Armed Forces demand of special representation in the 7th Pay accepted then other specialized services will demand the same and it will lead to more controversial. Armed Forces has complained that their issues and problems not covered in the sixth pay commission. To overcome from this issue, 7th Pay Commission has decided to provide special hearing for Armed Forces to cover their issues and problems.

Ex-Servicemen are also not happy with all parties who have made promise in their manifestos to provide one-rank, one-pension principle. Thus, hundreds of ex-servicemen has already returned their medals to protest against the Central Government.

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50 thoughts on “Special hearing for Defence Forces in the 7th Central Pay Commission

  1. ramakrishnan

    An offer who serves 26 years of service become a minimum rank of Brigadier or more. Which means from lieutenant to brig, he obtained six financial up gradation along with six promotions. But all PBOR who were not promoted in time or due to reasons of organisation, they get three MACP as per 6th pay commission. It is not correct, since today’s economic condition and survivability each jawan must get same promotions and financial up gradations as mentioned in the officers cadre.

    1. Jay

      @Ramakrishnan ….
      While the concerns projected in your posts for “PBORs” (we don’t use the term anymore) is correct, and the pay/ perks should definitely be higher, the comparison provided by you doesn’t stand any logic.

      Firstly……. An Officer avails three time scale promotions like an airman i.e. Fg Offr> Flt Lt (Lt>Capt… 2 years) ,,, Flt Lt>Sqn Ldr (Capt>Major ….6yrs),,,, Sqn Ldr > Wg Cdr (Maj>Lt Col…. 13years)….. much alike AC>LAC (Sep>L/Nk),,,,, LAC>Cpl (L/Nk>Nk) ,,,,, Cpl>Sgt (Nk>Hav which happens after 13 years)….. The promotions of an Offr (its Offr not Offer) are literally around the same time as an Airman….. plus, the service of an Officer is counted from the day of Commisioning i.e. after four years of training unlike an Airman who is counted being in Service from the day of enrolment. Thus, a clear cut difference of 04 years. Which means that an Officer will be promoted to the rank of Wg Cdr after 17 years of joining (incl 04 years of training in case of Ex NDAs)…. The min being 14 years…

      Secondly… Majority of those who don’t make it through to the next rank in the Board for Gp Capt (Col) tend to leave the Service at 20 yrs. Those who stay back get the time scale rank at 26 years of service and retire at 54 years of age. For Airmen this is covered by MACP. Hence someone who doesn’t get promoted to the rank of JWO (Nb Sub) starts getting the effective pay of a JWO.

      Please post facts on public forum …. its three promotions not six
      What you should be fighting for is this…..

      (a) An Airman/Jawan gets only 2000 as MSP…. it should be 3000-4000. Ideally the Next pay Commission should fix these at 10000-12000 for Airmen/Jawans and 20000 for Officers.

      (b) The hike in pay scales should be proportionate for all personnel i.e. if the hike in the next pay commission is three times for Offrs it should be three times for jawans as well.

      (c) The pension that we get is 50% of average drawn Pay in the preceeding 10 months of retirement (minus DA)…… This should be 100%.

      (d) The family pension which is 30% right now should be atleast 50%.

      (e) HRA in Grade I cities should be 45-50% and other cities 35-40%.

      (f) The Pay for jawans (and all Armed Forces Personnel) should be exempted from Taxes.

      …….. Please post creative suggestions and certainly not comparisons.
      …….. Lets work as a team.


      1. gourav

        First of all i want to say AC is not rank it is only a classification. substantive rank starts from cpl. second thing . MSP should be equal for all ranks because all are serving for nation. ham sabhi desh ke sipahi hai isliye hame MSP diya gaya hai. officer is getting more payment because he is enrolled for the rank of officer but we all are serving for the same nation so payment specially given for defence should be equal. second thing in 6th pay commission lot of anomalies were there and we all know that which were shorted out and which were did nt touched.

      2. rahul

        You r r8
        We shud not compare within us
        We shud compare with civil employees
        As we working 24*7 and also going to help to civilians in natural calamities
        Defence personnel shud have to be awarded extra perks

      3. np

        Dear sir, here are few points
        1. Officer gets education leave for 2 yrs but a jawan doesn’t.
        2. Full salary is paid to him without any work.
        3. Till now we have not seen any tycoon coming out due to this course.
        4. Before leaving service, jawan gets PRC for ‘ candle preps’ or ‘ security course’ etc whereas officers are given course at IIM OR any other premier institution.
        5. CSD facility is limited to 3500/- to jawan but Officer enjoys unlimited quota.
        6. Education qualification grants only for officers.
        7. Kit allowance not for jawans, depending upon logistics supply only and paying for their good uniforms also.
        8. Rank pay? what is this? Is it at all required?
        9. Families of officers always misuse
        the service transport.
        10. Rs 5000/- technical allowance for officers 200/- for airmen.
        11. Why seperate protocol at hospital after retirement.
        12. Why 20 yrs bond for airmen. This duration is not justified, it may have been 15 yrs. Air force is not the only organization to expense on training. Railway expenses more that IAF but bond is 3 yrs only. Logic to retain experienced manpower upto long time may be correct but on payment where the experience is counted?

        Here many points can be mentioned but everything can not be written. Officers now should look to their own people otherwise many may loose faith on them.
        On promotion u very cleverly mentioned about DOC but u not mentioned about anti date seniority.

        1. brajesh

          I agree with ser 9, and it should be removed. Because they gets transport allowance and another things jawan envolves in unnecessary details which effect to her moral and motivation. She behave like a personel servent or driver.

      4. pawan

        Reality of Jawans is more worst then it appear. An officer gets his five(05) Time scale promotion upto the rank of Group Capt where as the an Airmen gets only Two(02) promotion in @0 yrs of service.. AC- LAC (both of these are classification not rank. and it should have been abolished as the pilot officer has been abolished. moerover there is not a single paisa increment given on promotion to LAC) thus how it can be counted as promotion once there is no financial benefit. @. 1. Lac- Cpl or lance naik -Naik (min service requirement is 05 yrs). 2. CPL-SGT or Naik ot havaldar(min service length required is now 13 but it was 13.5+ for quite a long time). after that there is not timescale promotion in Indian air force for Airmen. Recently many Air Marshal Vacancies have beeen created by IAF and for airmen it has decide to cut down the vacancies of warrant rank by 50 %. Our defence forces want young Commander but not the young JCOs .

      5. ravi

        @ Jay. grow up man it is in india that huge diffrence of wages. basically payment is paid to workers as per the economic theories(it is in whole world this diffrence is seen in india only). do u think an officers son should study in camridge and a soliders son in village.monetary benifits should be at least same or with minimum diffrence. first check out how growing countrirs are following and u should learn the same man. jai hind

      6. prashant singh

        Ye sirph kahane ke liye hai…….. Jis hard area mai jawan din raat Kaam karte usske allowance me bhi kaphi deference hai…….. Than officer….. All people known very well…….td claim me bhi kaphi diffrance hai…………pay scale me diffrance ho chuki officer bahal hue hai but allowance me itna gap nhi hona chahiye………….msp officer:6000 jawan:2000 sidha tin guna……. Jawan koi or malatry seva kar rha hai…. Or officer kuchh or kya……..sahi sahi Chijo ko project karna chahiye…..

  2. Bhanwar Singh Rathore

    Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) are being retired from the armed forces in early age, approximately below 40. By the time the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) retires his age to give more and important role for productivity. He is qualified in a particular profession with discipline and trained in various aspects. The society as well our Govt. Semi Govt. and Private sectors can achieve maximum use of Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) in middle level management of qualified, trained, physical and mental fitment of the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs). There is provision for Reservation for employment for the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs). But maximum quota of the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) under reservation are not being filled view ill will, non availability of accountability for non filling the post of Ex-Servicemen (PBORs), and corruption etc.

    Here in this condition and present scenario, my suggestion are that the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) who are being retiring in early age are to directly merged to the civil post as per his qualification, cadre, designation, training etc. His gratuity and other financial benefits are also to be merged in the new department from Defence expect monthly pension and he also be given opportunity for retirement till superannuation like his counter parts in civil.

    I am sure there will be good and better use of the skills of retiring Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) in civil, in this way the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) as well the society or the employer department will be in benefits. administrative expenditures, Works and other non recurring works and expenditure will be reduced for employment, there will be a better source for getting skilled and trained employees for the department, same time the Ex-Servicemen (PBORs) will also get a social and financial security and stability for future.

  3. L Agrahari

    .I request all armed forces personnel ( Offrs and men) donot play tug of war in 7th cpc like 6th cpc. Individual should not represent sikander to pay commission authorities. MSP should be equal for all offrs and men(PBOR). I reitrate that in armed forces many financial policies to be recanvassed. In defence forces financial status difference should not be more than 1:5. Many things are to be reconsidered so please have a good thought as good citizen of India. Royal military law to be totally removed and convey fair financial policies to cpc.

  4. shambhu lal sindal

    we are soldier work in very hard area and difficult conditions. maximium time we stay away from our family.
    at the peace area where we can stay with family facing a big crisis about quarters. every militry establishment unit suffering from lack of quarters and rooms for stay in units. every unit have sufficiant place to construct more quarters and rooms but this work in not in progress. we are normal jawans requested you all higher formations powerd people please full fill our basic requirment so atleast we can live happily with our family in peace area. other wise we are soldiers we born for die for nation.


    7th pay commission is in the move and i wish to share some important points for their consideration especially pertaining to CAPF’S.
    1.take strict /stern action against the provisions of follower/security aid/attendants being provided to the officers who are actually meant for safeguarding the international borders.if commission wish to provide such facility then fighting strength should not be compromised,instead keeping in view the sensitivity at borders and raising crimes fighting strength needs to be raised.
    2.technical cadres particularly communication should be reinstated to increase efficiency.

  6. Bishnu Chhetri

    This time please bring special allowances to Assam Rifles persons as we come under MHA & operationally under Army when ever we ask for special allowances we have been address as we are CPMF not CPO then why don’t you announce Paramilitary allowances to AR personnel. My humble request for you to think deeply on it.

  7. Shamsher Singh Sandhu

    1. Social is same for everyone so we should not be create more different between rank categorizes. govt should also make same rank period, how like officers & for same PBOR although what they assign the duties
    2. Pay band different should be low because there are only difference to be made double instead of various type of scale, every one have same time perform the duties.
    3. govt should consider it and make the balance among lot of defense employees

  8. Dilipkumar

    Dear sir,
    1)MSP &high altitude allowance/field service allowance and other benefit should be same to both officers and PBORs because all are serving and doing their duty and sacrificing for the nation.
    2)Income tax should be exempted to all the ex serviceman pension holders.
    3)There should not be much difference in pension scale of Officers and PBOR to maintain family , children and other personal responsibilities of the family
    4)Government service/public sector service should be appointed at the time of retirement without age limit
    as per qualification and experience.

  9. taljeela

    In my view all PBORs as well as Officers should adhered to same MSP irrespective of rank all military personnals are served for identical motto to guard and serve the nation. If the same is not possible better abolish the unique name MSP and replace with other allawance. Truely speaking the difference in MSP may be one of agent to bring down moral of the PBORs. I have no other issue except MSP

  10. rahul

    A PBOR in 24 yrs only gets 3 promotions
    1promotion in 8yrs
    But in civil jobs they gets 1 promotion in 3-5 yrs
    Why this type of disparity with defence personnel
    Whereas generally a defence personnel serves for only 15-20 years they gets merely 2 promotions


    The interest of service personnel as well as ex-servicemen are on and the same and there is no room for in fighting within ourselves. Being an ex-serviceman, I personally feel happy and delighted whenever I get to know that there is some improvement in the service conditions including in Pay and Allowances.
    Similarly, I would expect the serving fraternity to show solidarity towards the Ex-servicemen and raise their voice in proper forum for the War Veterans. I believe, rather than in-fighting on the pretext of one or the other, such as ‘Ex-servicemen-Serving Personnel, Officers’-PBOR etc, we support each other on issues of fetching benefits from the bodies ‘Pay Commission”–the result would be solid and would do world of good to all of us.

  12. vimal yadav

    I want to tell one thing about MSP means military service pay who is serving in defence is authorize to take MSP but in this country only officers are doing servce in military not jawan that’s why diffrences are here .my question from authorities and defence minister/prime minister/CAS/President of India supreme power of india that when a soldier/officer both are posted in leh/ladakh/Srinagar they are feeling cold and tough life as wel as officer so why military service pay is difference .is cold is feeling to officer too much than soldier ……………………….kaash ye neta aur lal feeta officer shahi kab khatm hogi thnks

  13. Gurapa Rh

    Please remove old military law because officers r hurrahsing to jawan itis all soldiers request and another thing corruption in an army

  14. sunny

    Airmen are not being treated even human beings then how can they give better pay. And they are soup drinkers still getting handsome pay and again they will deny to fight what can government can do?????? And army even in better condition than airforce . Here corruption is on peak but government are silent. Achhe din knha h???privatization is not solution of everything. Put some example to boost moral of forces otherwise the day only SOUP DRINKERS can not win d war……

  15. ronny

    I am writing this after being heavily moved by the views posted here. Respected fraternity, officers are not trying to compete with ORs and JCOs therefore stop comparing yourself with them.
    Officers are selected after a thorough mental and physical tests…. mostly psychological aptitude and hence to draw comparisons is wrong.
    Officers are not above ORs and JCOs and are with them leading from front in battlefield. Your opinions suggest you hate officers class when it should not be the case given so much welfare in the forces.
    Everybody in govt job has been put in a pay grade and their pay is corresponding to that grade.
    MSP is fixed for all ranks. As the hierchy and rank structure exist in civil and army the pay will as per that.
    I also believe that pay of OR should be made much more. OR work for the nation and are a pillar of country defense. But please don’t write such anti army reviews.
    WHAT YIU SHOUKD BE FIGHTING FOR is more pay and perks for all than civil. More facilities and reservation for exsmn.

  16. ved

    Any clarity on Tpt allowance

    Tpt should be same for all offrs as well as jawans and in all the cities…The cost of petrol is almost the same throughout the country. So why disparity

  17. sridhar

    Dear friends
    It is very disturbing to read the comments posted by some of our selfish and not so educated friends.comparing with officers by other ranks is totally incorrect. While I agree some of the allowances could be same for all I don’t support the way they are compared. The entry standards and conditions of service are different and therefore pay and allowances related directly to the work cant be compared. No one was denied an opportunity to join as an offr. If you make such illogical comparisons you will only exhibit your ignorance and jealousy

  18. yashavant verma

    Respected sir
    Our ration many presently 89rupees/day. But every one know its not sufficient today; it should 500 rupees/day

    1. Jhadabandha

      I think ration money should not be paid to defence personnel. Then only they will realise what amount should be the ration money

  19. ravi

    it is only indian country were their is a huge gap of payments in officers and soliders than any other country in world. it is basically unfortunate that india should have been on there top of the world today. but due to the polticians and highest rank officers it is degrading this country day by day with corruption and other unethical measures. here now it is an economic theory that poor becomes poorer and a rich is richer with the help of these policies. incredible india


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