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UP Government Approves Recommendations of 7th Pay Commission

UP Government Approves Recommendations of 7th Pay Commission article covers 7th Pay Commission UP Government Latest News for Uttar Pradesh state government employee and pensioners. With latest media report, CM Akhilesh Yadav has declared that UP Government has approved all recommendation of 7th pay commission and implement all 7th CPC recommendation from January. This salary hike will be affected to 16 lakh state government employee and 6 lakh pensioners. Government want to give this benefits to all government employee because they want to take benefits for next up coming Assembly Election. for more details of 7th Pay Commission UP Government Latest News please go through article given below.

UP Government Approves Recommendations of 7th Pay Commission

  • Chairman of 7th CPC is Mr. Justice A. K. Mathur and Vivek Roy is the Member of 7th Pay Commission. READ FULL ARTICLE
  • It is expected that 7th CPC will be implemented from 01-01-2016.
  • Minimum Salary will be Rs. 18000 per month. Read Full Article
  • Maximum Salary will be Rs. 2.81 lakh per month.
  • Minimum Pension for pensioner recommended is Rs. 9000 per month.
  • 7th pay commission multiplication matrix is 2.57. your new salary will be calculated as (your current pay scale + your grade ) * 2.57. this is your expected initial pay in 7th pay commission.

Calculate your Salary As per 7th Pay Recommendation.

7th pay commission salary calculator

Calculate your Arrears as per 7th Pay Commission Notification

7th Pay Commission Arrears Calculator 2016

  • There is no Grade Pay system in 7th Pay Commission.
  • It is recommended to cancel Tribal Allowance but Different allowance for different tribal places. This allowance is proposed by committee member of 7th pay commission.


  • Washing allowance is cancel. New uniform allowance is given in place of washing allowance.
  • In 7th pay commission annual increment is fix for every level of employee. While this is not fix in 6th CPC.
  • Annual increment will be 3% fix. This is given in round amount. For example if it is calculated Rs. 949 then it will be given in round digit Rs. 900 and if it is Rs.950 then given Rs. 1000. This annual increment table is fix.
  • During job period there is higher pay is given. In 7th pay commission this year period is decide 10 year, 20 year and 30 year from joining date.
  • Maximum duration of job is 60 years age of employee or 33 years of job duration. In both case, which is less it is applicable. READ : 7TH CPC RETIREMENT AGE
  • OPOP – One Rank One Pension Scheme is recommended.

Article Title: UP Government Approves Recommendations of 7th Pay Commission