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What will happen to 7th Pay Commission if Central Government changes ?

Are you eagerly waiting for 7th Pay Commission ? You are not alone who is waiting for 7th pay commission. Almost thousands of central government employees are waiting for the 7th pay commission. Besides central government employees, various state government employees are also waiting for this pay commission.

Question mark on 7th Pay

Recently, Government of India finalized the chairman and members of the commission. It was the most important news for lakhs of employees in India. But what will happen to seventh pay commission if central government changes ? It is the big question right now among central government employees. We have tried to analyze the situation as per our analysis.

What will happen if BJP led Government comes into power?

If believed in survey (not trusted), BJP has edge on Congress. Shri Narendra Modi is the prime ministerial candidate from BJP. What is his views on 7th Pay Commission ? If he will implement seventh pay on time ? As per our analysis, he is not interested in 7th Pay Commission. Likely (as per our analysis), he will delay 7th pay commission.

In recent update, Gujarat Government has also raised question on 7th Pay Commission. Till date, there are already thousands of Gujarat Government employees seeking 6th Pay Commission who are working as “fixed pay employees”. A case is already pending in Hon. Supreme Court of India against Gujarat Government about fixed pay employees of Gujarat.

If Gujarat Government is not giving 6th Pay Commission to their fixed pay employees right now then about 7th Pay Commission ? ! Think, if same leadership will come into power at center then what will happen to 7th pay commission ?

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