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Can’t afford burden of 7th Pay Panel says Gujarat

7th Pay Commission have been recently set up by the Central Government of India. Against this decision, Gujarat Government has raised the red flag that they can’t afford pay scales of seventh pay commission.¬†Gujarat has also added that they can’t afford financial burden. It is unwanted financial crisis and stress for the State Government. Gujarat Government is led by Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial candidate from BJP.

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Gujarat Government has added that revision of pay scale (salaries) will increase financial burden as this would be most inappropriate in debt condition as well as global economic slowdown.

Gujarat Government has said that central’s pay panel recommendations will encourage “contract employment” which will not provide government salary structures.

Gujarat’s chief minister Shri Narendra Modi who is PM candidate by BJP said the financial burden of the 7th Pay Commission would be substantial. State Government can’t afford the new pay panel i.e. seventh pay commission in the state.

It is also known that Gujarat Government didn’t provide sixth pay commission even to new employees. Gujarat Government which is led by Shri Narendra Modi has fix pay policy by not providing full salary. New employees have to work in fix pay period (probation) such as three years or five years. Already court case is pending in the Supreme Court of India against Gujarat Government filed by Yogkshem Foundation on behalf of the employees.

Gujarat Government has also added that new pay panel will encourage and force state governments to take route of “contract appointments” which will create two sets of employees.

This will create panic among state government employees who are eagerly waiting for the seventh pay commission.

Update: Chief minister of Gujarat has accepted the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission and implement it in the state from August 1. This decision would benefit to more than 4.12 lakh pensioners and 4.65 lakh government employees of Gujarat.

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