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House Rent Allowance in 7th Pay Commission

7th Pay Commission has proposed / recommended to reduce HRA – House Rent Allowance in 7th Pay Commission. House Rent Allowance is the one important factor now days for central pay employee as well as state government employee. If you are living and government quarter then HRA will deduct from your salary.  But you are living in your house then HRA will be added to your salary. Now HRA is calculated as per Pay scale and pay band and class of city of your job location.

House Rent Allowance in 7th Pay Commission

Committee of 7th Pay commission has recommended to reduce percentage of HRA of government employee. This benefits of increased 67% allowance is applicable from 01 January 2016 for all central government employee, Indian Army officers, Defense person, All government department, Indian Navy Department etc.

House Rent Allowance in 7th Pay Commission

They have proposed HRA for Central Government Employee is :

For X Class city – 24%

For Y Class City – 16%

For Z Class City – 8%

Committee has also proposed the revision of HRA when DA crosses 50%

. For X Class city – 27%

For Y Class City – 18%

For Z Class City – 9%

7th CPC committee member has also recommended revision of HRA when DA crosses 100 percentages.

For X Class city – 30%

For Y Class City – 20%

For Z Class City – 10%

House Rent is calculated as per the specific criteria. This criteria is population. City is divided Class X, Class Y and Z as per population. If population is 50 lakhs and above then city is class X, if population is 50 lakhs to 5 lakhs then city is class Y, below 5 lakhs city is classified as Z class city.

In Salary of 7th pay calculation House Rent Allowance and other allowance like medical allowance, travelling allowance, military service pay allowance and other allowance pay major role. this all allowance is calculated based on your pay scale and grade pay. Article House Rent Allowance in 7th Pay Commission cover HRA proposed by 7th CPC commission.

House Rent Allowance – HRA will be revised as DA reaches to 50% and 100%. This recommendation is proposed by 7th pay commission. House Rent Allowance in 7th Pay Commission cover all details and HRA Calculator for 7th pay commission.