Travelling Allowance in 7th Pay Commission

Recommandation of Travelling Allowance in 7th Pay Commission is mentioned in this post. Article Travelling Allowance in 7th Pay Commission cover proposed TA for central government employee and state government  employee. 7th CPC committee has not recommended much more about TA / Transport allowance for central government employee. There is no demand for recommendation of revised / update of TA by nay single person. Travelling allowance is also given as per post and grade pay of employee. There is no fix TA for all employees. If your post is high means you have higher scale then there is a benefit in your transport allowance / travelling allowance.

Travelling Allowance in 7th Pay Commission

Travelling Allowance in 7th Pay Commission

The given below table shows which benefits is given to which rank? Which type (Class I, Class II, 3 Tire Ac) of train travelling allowance is allowed is given for employee? Who can eligible for Air Allowance? Auto, Taxi, Ac Taxi etc allowance. All the Answer is given in below table. this allowance is applicable form 01-01-2016 for all central government employee and Indian Army officers, Navy Officers and Defense personal.

Travelling Allowance in 7th Pay Commission

Travel Within

Level Which Type is Allowed
Travelling within Country 14 and above Business / Club Class by Plane OR AC – I by Train
12 and 13 level Economy Class in Air OR AC –I in Train
9 to 11 Economy Class by Air OR AC II by Train
6 to 8 level AC II by Train
5 and below First Class / AC III / AC Chair Car by Train
If travelling is International 17 and above level First Class
14 to 16 level Business / Club Class
15 and above Economy Class
If Journey by Sea or by River Steamer 9 and above Highest Class
6 to 8 level Lower Class on the Steamer
4 and 5 If two class available then lower class

If three class available then middle or 2nd class

If four class is there then third class

3 and below Lower class
Titled for travel between the mainland and Lakshadweep group of island by ships operated by shipping corporation of Indian Limited 9 and above Deluxe Class
6 to 8 level First Class /  A Cabin Class
4 and 5 level 2nd class / B Cabin class
3 and below Bunk Class

TA – Travelling Allowance / Transport Allowance is recommended / proposed by 7th Pay Commission. There is no much more difference between 6th Pay Commission and 7th CPC. Article Travelling Allowance in 7th Pay Commission cover how much TA will be given to officer / employee as per pay scale for Train, Bus, Plan and Steamer.

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