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http://7thpaycommission.in provides valuable news, breaking news, updates, pay scale predictions, information regarding progress of the seventh pay commission, demands from the central government employees associations as well as federation and all other details.

We have developed this website to help people i.e. Central Government Employees who are keen to know about the upcoming scale of the 7th Pay Commission. However, this is not the official website of the seventh pay commission, formed by the Central Government of India.

Anyone can also contact me for any suggestions or queries.

One thought on “About US

  1. B dhali

    Sir Chota sa sabal bara officer agar 250000 7pay comi..pament pa sakta hi to chota karmachari ku nahi 300
    00salari nahi hoga.
    Agar officer rail ko samhalta hi to chota karmochari ve rail ko din rat tufan garmi may jan ko hat may lakar rail ko samhaltahi. chabal 40 Rup chota karmochari kharidta hi bara karmachari ve kharta hi. To 7pay comition may etna defranch ku. Ku? Ku?ku ?ku ?


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